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stack exchange network consists of 183 q&a communities including stack overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. i am writng a paper with the elsarticle class and i want to span a table in the two column mode over the whole textwidth (so to say interrupt the two column mode for the table, and afterwards continue with the one column mode).

i just want to include a table at a certain point, and when i type text before that table, it should be filled on both 2 columns before on that page and if i write text behind that table it should appear within the two columns afterwards. using multicol you can start with two columns, stop the two columns environment, insert a wide table or a figure in the place you want, and then continue with two columns, or one column if you wish so. i might want to comment the \begin{multicols}{2} and \end{multicols} and use the twocolumn elsearticle option to see what happens with a float.

2 column table format

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2 column table guide

this two-column layout uses css grid to make the columns stay side-by-side, equal-width, and equal-height even on small mobile screens. this two-column layout has stacked columns on mobile, and uses flexbox to align columns side-by-side on tablet and larger devices. the element types used for the container and columns are not specifically referenced in the css so you don’t have to use divs, you are free to use any kind of element, eg: ,

, or whatever is best for your situation. if you add a flex-wrap:wrap; declaration on your container, the columns will trip over to multiple lines because they’re too wide! this two-column layout has stacked columns on mobile, and uses flexbox to align columns side-by-side on tablet and larger devices. see my article for details: responsive padding, margin & gutters with css calc. in this two-column layout, the main content is above the sidebar on mobile, and on tablet the sidebar is left of the main content. first column. quisque iaculis lectus vel metus pellentesque, eu venenatis est euismod.

second column. proin a magna ac velit iaculis pretium. donec eleifend, diam eget condimentum dignissim, quam turpis euismod diam, vel volutpat ex nunc eu nulla. in this two-column layout, each column has a colored heading and a padded grey box of content. in this two-column layout, the columns are stacked on mobile then sit side-by-side on tablet. we simply specify 1 column for mobile breakpoints (sm), and 2 columns for tablet breakpoints (md) by adding two data-attributes: in this two-column layout, the columns are stacked on mobile then sit side-by-side on tablet. this is achieved with my responsive columns system. see my beginners guide: how to add css to html (with link, embed, import, and inline styles). “i’ve been developing websites professionally for over two decades and running this site since 1997!

so i applied it to my table as follows: any ideas how i can make the table go into two columns (it doesn’t have to be via flexbox but it should only be via css as i can’t change the html). please note: this project will not be a website, but actually printed out as a pdf. normally i would just use dtp software to sort out the layout. so if i can do the layout at the css level that will be better. you can add table {margin: auto;} to center it if you want.

for tr, it is ok to replace float with display: inline-block. now we can try to force this flow-like result into a grid-like, 2-column layout (which css flexbox is not intended for; use css grid if you want a grid-like result): the reason why the w3 schools “2 column” trick doesn’t work is because it requires a specific html structure. more specifically, it requires the two columns to be the only children in a wrapper. in your html, the elements are the elements we want to lay out in the end. these elements we want to lay out (and therefore their
parent elements) are only contained in a single table section (
), not in multiple distinct “column” elements.