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with all the talk (and action) about healthy employees being the key to reducing employer health care costs, a conversation has begun about the benefits of holistic wellness programs — those that go beyond a fitness membership to address the well-being of the whole individual. holistic wellness programs, on the other hand, combine more aspects of employees’ lives to improve total health. wellness also is how we budget for health care and how we cope with stress.

with a holistic wellness program, employees have more flexibility to customize their own path to wellness based on what matters most to them. taking a holistic approach may make wellness programs more attractive to employees. offering a variety of wellness options that touch on all areas of well-being will drive quality, engaged participation. hni also offers the basic services of insurance and employee benefits.

had you asked me if i was going to see value in clean living and holistic health, i would have choked on my fat-free snackwell’s and olean potato chips. even though my mom loved to cook and make us whole-food dinners, i still longed for the night when i could have a low-fat tv dinner. you would think that my aha! my new husband and i embraced the experience. when the chemotherapy forced my hair to fall out, my husband shaved my hair and his. however, my attitude radiated good energy around me, which gave me the opportunity to heal with less stress… and have a little fun along the way. and, little by little, i went back to my old, unhealthy habits. as most of my colleagues organized parties to celebrate the new decade, i spent our celebration money on a full day’s doctor appointment. and a suspicious lesion on my sternum. it wasn’t the back-to-back appointments—it was where my head took me.

is this really the end? my poor sister—would this haunt her the rest of her life? as the thoughts continued circling and tiring me out, i realized that living in the doom and darkness made me feel worse than trying to find hope. jumping back into my corporate self, where i always strived to be a student of the business, my focus now was to be a student of cancer. i changed my diet and my activity, added in mindfulness components and was open to the world. so i changed my life. because of my epiphany, my life’s work now is to encourage myself and others in this space to continue helping others help themselves. we all have “cancers” in our lives making the day-to-day of our personal and professional lives incredibly challenging. our attitudes can help us heal, inspire others to do the same and have a little fun along the way. i choose to be an ambassador for 360-degrees of wellness and hope you will continue to join, too. the material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, or otherwise referenced without express permission by w.e.l.l.

360 holistic health is a learning platform that offers immersive crash-courses on how to optimize different outlets of every day well-being. get your health back. become mentally grounded, physically stronger, and nutritiously healthier. join me on a journey inward to find yourself. nutritiously. naturally. 360holistichealth.org want to learn about this evolving natural medicine but feel overwhelmed with all the information out., .

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