How many sets did Dorian Yates do

so it was with much anticipation and eagerness to learn i contacted dorian recently to talk training. yes, if you complete that one set to failure and push it to the absolute limit that is going to be sufficient stimulus and intensity. yes, whatever you do in the first six months you are going to get a reaction. on a weekly schedule it looks like you are doing one workout twice and the other one once. but if your body is saying it’s not right and you haven’t progressed… if you are on a routine and have had absolutely no progress in a month then why is it suddenly going to start working in the second or third month? i was also very aware of the possibility of overtraining and i realized you had to train the muscle very hard to get a response, but you had to temper that with nutrition and recovery. so i am not going to tolerate the stress of the sun the same way someone who will go out and get a lovely tan over the same period. but certain exercises will emphasize certain areas of the muscle and you can almost to a degree – but not a massive degree – influence the shape of your body. obviously if you isolate the lateral head of your deltoid your are going to get more cap on your shoulders, more sweep, and it is going to be more aesthetically pleasing. it was great for me to work out with him, but it was a few workouts and the main influence he had on me was to cut down my volume a little. people see those black and white training shots of you and mike in flex magazine and believe that he was your trainer to a greater extent than the reality suggests. to me that was all part of the challenge and when i stepped onstage, although i had moral support, if i won it was down to me and if i lost it was down to me. i would have chosen the correct mechanics, yes, so that the stress is going to the back.

[ q ] and you were known for quietly going about your business, oblivious to all of the crap and trash talking that was going on in the industry. i was passionate about the training, i loved to train and push my body. that was the mode i was in and everybody knew i was in that mode. i think the ’90s, to me at least, was the best period for bodybuilding because there were a lot of different personalities up there, different physiques and attitudes. it is like a tripod: you take one of the legs away and they all fall down. if you put it like that it is a different question and i would miss the workout. because you are not going to have the right nutrition to build muscle mass, and if you want to change something you have to build something. they will bench press, then drop it down and do another rep. they forget about the negative part a lot of the time, and i think this is a mistake. it doesn’t emphasise the upper back and the teres so you could say they are for thickness. i would always pre-exhaust before i got onto the compound exercises, but i did leg press, and hack squatting, or squatting on a smith machine instead of going to squats. when i did martial arts and got hit in the face i would immediately bleed due to the thinness of my skin. the idea is to build as much muscle mass as possible and to maintain it, so you have to be careful that you don’t get catabolic. it’s a combination of the training and the nutrition and getting into that condition three to four weeks before a contest.

sure yates did one or two warm-up sets before a hard set, but these sets were done with yates’ goal wasn’t to lift as much weight as possible, but to do reps really slowly and with a perfect technique. within this routine, yates performs 9 exercises, usually with a couple of warm up sets, and then a single working set. enter dorian yates. i never did one set per exercise: what i did was one set to failure. if you do too many sets and too much volume overall, your body is just going to be spending, dorian yates workout, dorian yates workout, dorian yates trainer, dorian yates natural training, dorian yates upper/lower split. u’ THE HIT MAN Then when he toiled in the dungeon-like Temple Gym, Yates modified Heavy Duty via experimentation. He did four to eight working sets per body part. He also put a Mentzerlike emphasis on low reps, doing six to eight for most body parts (more for legs and abs).

incline presses did work the entire pectoral muscle, but the mri reading showed dorianyates-principles-massconstruction1 that begs the question: how many sets should you do? dorian yates would also do “build-up sets”; warmup sets that were not near failure. but when dorian did one set, boy did it count! i saw this in how many days a week do you train? dorian yates’ 1987 to 1992 workout routine is an advanced 1987-1992 dorian yates training style 6-8 reps means perform an amrap set where the last rep you can muster is the, dorian yates book pdf, dorian yates workout journal, dorian yates offseason diet, dorian yates back workout

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