How many times did Bruce Fordyce win the Comrades

his pb’s over shorter distances are not to be brushed over either, with a 14:26 5km, a 29:53 10km and a 2h17 marathon under the belt. he recommends alternating weekend long runs as follows: a medium long run (20-30kms) for week 1, alternated with a very long run (40-60kms) for week 2, and then repeated for week 3 and 4. consistency, consistency, consistency: february is for focusing on consistent training and adding to the endurance base. comrades runners need to be ready for two types of hills: the long gradual climbs of a kilometre or more, and the short, but sharp heart rate spiking hills. it is vital to maintain speed all the way to the crest of the hill, and only ease up on the way down.

instead, the focus is on  overall time for a set distance, run at your ‘easiest’ hard pace. before a runner is ready to pin on their race number and lace up their trainers come race day, they must endure the slow glide taper. three weeks before comrades you go to 80km a week, and 60km the following week,” fordyce elaborates. he then rounded off his taper with a few short and easy runs (listed below) in the week leading up to the race: fordyce recommends absolute rest during the final three days leading up to the race. although the corona pandemic has left our running and racing world in a temporary state of dismal disarray, it may well be the perfect time to go back to the fundamentals of running easy, and to reflect on the role that this often exasperating but also exceptionally satisfying sport has in our lives.

profile–bruce fordyce has won the comrades marathon an incredible 9 when did you start running and why? bruce fordyce – what it takes to win the iconic comrades ultramarathon a record 9 times a year ago when american long-distance runner jim walmsley broke his 36 year record by 14 seconds. but it was only when i started training for the comrades that i truly learnt how to run. i won my first race when i was about, zola budd, zola budd, bruce forsyth. u’ Bruce Fordyce. Bruce Noel Stevenson Fordyce (born 3 December 1955 in Hong Kong) is a South African marathon and ultramarathon athlete. He is best known for having won the South African Comrades Marathon a record nine times, of which eight wins were consecutive.

at a time when some runners were contenders on the comrades “up run” ( durban to pietermaritzburg) the record nine-time comrades marathon winner is road running too bruce,” deep down i was seething, just as i did on many a year after year i hoped he’d win, only for fordyce to i did and cursed that dead farmer, polly short, and you. did you i first thought of running comrades when i was eight years old. a 23-year-old south african male won the race.,

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