What is BBC Training

if you have a particular interest in one of the three specialist areas you’ll be able to list that when you put your application in. you’ll also get a mentor who will be able to support and guide you throughout the entire training process. beyond the pay you get 26 days of paid holiday a year, in addition to bank holidays. this includes a variety of questions focusing on your interest in the world of journalism and what you think you can bring to the scheme.

you will be told of any assessment centre details at least a week in advance, but to give you an idea of the time scales, some people might not hear about being taken to the final stage until june. more practically, you’ll be expected to have a good understanding and interest of what’s going on around the globe – you don’t need to have a specific beat or qualification, but you should be plugged into what’s happening around you. “i was not the most camera savvy person, so i was nervous about the training and having to use a camera. the scheme’s selectors want people of all types to represent people from different walks of life. it certainly isn’t an easy ride, but on completion you’ll be offered a job that gives you the chance to tell more fascinating stories from around the world.

the bbc academy offers several hundred different training courses to bbc staff. you can use them to keep on top the bbc is the world’s leading public service broadcaster. search term. search. futurelearn – learning for life training is delivered by both specialises and senior bbc journalists. you’ll also get a mentor who will be able to support, . u’ From , the free encyclopedia. The BBC Academy is an educational arm of the British Broadcasting Corporation which trains current and prospective broadcasting employees in the skills of the Broadcasting industry, in addition to training the corporation\’s own staff and prospects.

media training. we offer workshops in media relations and media interviews. sessions are either join the bbc. our aim is simple – to enrich people’s lives with programmes and services that inform, educate and learning resources and online courses on it subjects related to information technology, information systems,,

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