Who trained ARC troopers

advanced recon commandos, also known as arc troopers, were an elite variant of the clone troopers that served the galactic republic. arc troopers such as captain ct-7567 “rex” were trained to serve in positions of command in the grand army, and could also be sent on challenging assignments less suitable for standard clones. during the early days of the clone wars, arc trooper armor served as an experimental version of the phase ii clone trooper armor. [7] during the clone wars, the arc troopers trained the first wave of clone commanders, such as cc-5052 “bly. [9] colt and the other arc troopers supported the defense of tipoca city against a separatist invasion led by general grievous and the force-sensitive assassin asajj ventress. in the aftermath of the battle, ct-1409 “echo” and ct-5555 “fives” of the 501st legion were upgraded to the status of arc trooper in recognition of their contribution to the galactic republic’s victory on kamino.

[11] he survived the blast, but was captured and subjected to experimentation on by the separatist-aligned techno union. “[16] after the death of fives, ct-5597 “jesse”—also of the 501st—was promoted to arc trooper. [5] he continued serving as a lieutenant[4] in the 501st during the battle of anaxes[5] and through the siege of mandalore as part of the 332nd company. [4] arc troopers were equipped with arc trooper armor, a variant of the clone trooper armor. [1] according to genndy tartakovsky on the dvd commentary for star wars: clone wars volume two, whose story is now considered part of the continuity of star wars legends and not canon, the design of the arc troopers came from hasbro. they first appeared as advanced recon commandos in the legends story republic 50: the defense of kamino, a comic from the star wars: republic series by dark horse comics.

history. gentlemen, who wants to be an arc trooper?” “i do, sir. only 6 of the 12 null prototypes survived the embryonic stage of development. once they were deemed a failed the arc training program, also known as arc training or established by the advanced recon commando alpha-17, the program was overseen by alpha and other arc troopers., alpha arc troopers, alpha arc troopers, arc trooper ranks, arc trooper blitz, arc trooper weapons.

arc troopers, formally known as advanced recon commandos, were elite clone troopers who served the alpha-17 trained many of the troopers that receieved arc commander training. history. arc trooper commanders have kal taught his clone troopers an interrogation resistance technique of shutting out reality to become someone who was, arc trooper hammer, arc trooper echo, null arc troopers, arc trooper jesse

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