a320 line training turkey

are you looking for an opportunity to fly at an airline that has an exceptional safety record? open horizon is recruiting flight crews for exclusive opportunities to join some of the best airlines in the region. may 13, 2018 – now hiring *** a320 captains and first officers based in europe on behalf of our client avion express. april 10, 2018 – recruitment will begin shortly for qualified captains and first officers on a320 and b737 types for seasonal work in europe and south east asia. this excellent opportunity enables pilots holding a valid a320 type rating to build up hours on-type during line operations while living and flying in one of the most beautiful regions of the world.

program entry requirements: – valid icao-compliant cpl(a) or atpl(a) with current a320 type rating – 200 hours minimum total time – exceptional flying skills – worldwide valid passport without restrictions and the ability to obtain a visa for the country of operation – clear criminal record registration for vacant positions in 2018 and 2019 will be open shortly. the fast-track upgrade program offers experienced a320 rated-pilots with sufficient experience the opportunity to become captain at one of our partner airlines. through extensive airline partnerships, we deliver applicants looking for direct-entry employment opportunities or contract work straight to their dream job.we are currently seeking experienced a320 captains and first officers on behalf of our client avion express for vacancies in europe. candidates have to submit an application online as the initial step of the recruitment process for any of the listed vacancies, and copies of all required documents must be attached. additional stages of the process will include a technical interview, assessment center testing, simulator screening and a client interview. to apply for any of our open vacancies, please send your application via e-mail to office@open-horizon-aviation.com

they have a strong and productive cooperation with many airlines in turkey for distance learning and pilot training. for a320 rated pilots we offer 500 hrs line training with our partner airline in turkey. after line training based on a solid ground of making super pilots to command these flying machines is line training 650 hours. turkey. usa. chile. india. south africa. spain. swiss. german. italy. france., leads aviation pprune, leads aviation pprune, type rating with job guarantee.

airbus a320/ line training (boeing 737 / line training) coming soon! in close co -operation with option 3) turkey. right to live and work in the eu (not applicable for turkey base). next available assessment dates and locations: may airbus a320 type rating + 300 hrs line training ( tr and lt contract ) * immediate start on november * all,

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