acupuncture for wound healing

the aim of the study was to investigate the effect of acupuncture on wound healing after soft tissue or orthopaedic surgery in dogs. in this context, the use of a single acupuncture session has been suggested as to provide a non-toxic and easy alternative to improve surgical wound healing in dogs. to our knowledge there are no published studies about the effect of acupuncture for surgical wound healing in dogs. the median age of animals in the treatment group was 5 years (range 0.3-9.0) and in the control group 4.75 years (range 0.5-9.1). all wounds were photographed with a digital camera right after the surgery and at the time of the evaluations.

there were no significant differences between the treatment and control groups in any of the variables evaluated three and seven days after surgery. in this study, the dogs of the control group did not receive sham acupuncture. another major limitation was that the wounds evaluated in this study varied in size and location as different types of surgeries were included. ekk and cvsb participated in the design of the study. ecva, cva) is working at the department of veterinary surgery and anaesthesiology of the school of veterinary medicine and animal science of são paulo state university in brazil as a professor of anaesthesiology. oedema of the wound in the treatment and control group 0, 3 and 7 days after surgery.

this study aimed to determine the wound healing effect of acupuncture in treating phonotraumatic vocal fold lesions. the findings showed that acupuncture of voice-related acupoints facilitated an anti-inflammatory process in phonotraumatic vocal pathologies. the objective of the study was to determine the level of anti-inflammatory cytokine (interleukin (il)-10) and pro-inflammatory cytokine (il-1β) level in the laryngeal secretion of subjects who were given acupuncture or sham acupuncture at the voice-related acupoints.

the experimental group received needling that punctured nine acupoints, while the sham acupuncture group received stimulation on the skin surface of the acupoints using blunted needles. since all the subjects had no prior experience of acupuncture, it is reasonable to expect that the participant could not tell whether they had genuine acupuncture (acupoint twirling) or the sham acupuncture (skin surface twirling). these results suggested that the inflammatory condition in the sham acupuncture was continuing, while that of the genuine acupuncture group was stabilized. in evidence-based practice medicine, this remains to be answered by setting up trials to compare the effects of acupuncture with just the acupoints next to the larynx with those when a complete set of traditional acupoints are to be used.

many preliminary studies have shown that acupuncture decreases sns activation, pain, and anxiety. in addition, there is evidence that acupuncture enhances acupuncture enhances wound healing accelerators such as fibroblast growth factors (fgf) and platelet-derived growth factors (pdgf) in it has been shown that acupuncture-like stimulation can promote the healing of wounds that are unresponsive to conventional treatment. there are, acupuncture points for wound healing, acupuncture points for wound healing, acupuncture for burns, acupuncture near me.

in conclusion, the result of our study suggests that acupuncture treatment around the edges of wound promotes wound healing through decreasing inflammatory cytokine release, increasing newly generated cells, and stimulating angiogenesis and granulation-tissue formation. acupuncture has been used experimentally in the care of chronic wounds as well as in burn care. its principles, according to some, deterioration in pressure ulcer healing. patients receiving acupuncture plus standard wound care had an 88.2% improvement rate in. while there is no definitive explanation for the therapeutic benefits electrical stimulation achieves, experimental studies have shown it to have a positive, .

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