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when dry humping is performed as a solo act, it can be seen as another way of masturbation. one of the main questions when it comes to dry humping is: can you get pregnant from it? and a person can contract this type of sti from dry humping if they aren’t clothed. however, niko explains that the point of dry humping has little to do with the sexual experience and a lot more to do with the connection that is being created – something many lack nowadays.

males, on the other hand, should wear jeans or pants made of thick material to increase the friction between them and their partner and increase the pleasure from their dry humping session. when you are dry humping with your partner, you still need to be careful because even though it is not sex and you are dry humping in your underwear, you can still get in touch with your partner’s fluids, such as ejaculation secret. this is one of the most popular dry humping positions. all in all, dry humping is a great alternative for sex when you are not ready for it or you want to try it for fun (and pleasure, of course).

professional dry humping, when it comes to career goals, is not something you often hear about, where people want to train and learn how to dry hump clients and become a specialist in that particular field. is dry humping — or, as this guy likes to refer to it, alternative love therapy even a career? picture the scene, you finish work after a long day of dry humping your clients, safe in the knowledge that your chosen career profession, something you love, put a lot of effort into and take great pleasure in, is making a difference to people in the world. dry humping sounds like a great job. call him up and he’ll come right over to your house to provide you with some dry humping expertise, emotional relief with his alternative love therapy.

niko was kind enough to take a break from his busy dry humping schedule and give us some details about his service, “the benefits of alternative love therapy are amazing. increases in serotonin. these are some of the small benefits you get from dry humping.” it all sounds too good and you’re probably wondering why you’ve never heard about this job before. it could be believed, except when niko is espousing the benefits of dry humping and his alternative love therapy and he lists all the unbelievable results you will achieve. are we all really that gullible? you would be the first qualified person in the world to ever to offer this type of dry humping service for money.that has to count for something, right?

a technique from eastern medicine and what niko calls alternative love therapy involves the complete experience of dry humping with a spiritual note to it. top 10 best alternative love therapy near santa monica, ca 90402 the love gurus. the love gurus white light 26. white light 26 ray doktor, psy d ray doktor, alternative therapies are no longer a way for yoga pants, worst therapist, worst therapist, one star reviews therapist, how much does a counselor make?.

meet niko, he’s a professional dry humper who provides his specialist services to the lonely, and to those who want to recapture the innocence of youth before “alternative love therapy.” he dry humps for money. this is not therapy. this is second base. edit: indeed, once in a while, i miss that something’s would you pay to be dry humped in an “alternative love therapy” session? this video introduces niko, who engages in professional dry., .

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