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massage therapy and stretching lengthen these muscles, therefore allowing the body to return to a more neutral position. we believe that with massage therapy and stretching, you can live a healthier and more productive life; with fewer aches and pains and more energy to seize the day. we’ve seen the impact that massage and stretching have made on the lives of the people we serve, and we’re so excited to see what they can do for you! deep-tissue massage can help soothe muscles and relieve aches from daily stress.

myofascial release tends to produce longer-lasting results compared to a deep tissue massage; mainly because it addresses the connective tissue that surrounds the muscles, which is not typically addressed during a deep tissue massage. jennifer is a compassionate and result-oriented therapist who tailors each session to meet the specific needs of her clients. aside from running the business and providing massage therapy services, william is also a massage therapy instructor at the birmingham school of massage. if no one answers your call, please leave a message and someone will reach out to you soon.

the opioid epidemic is a national public health crisis, but you don’t have to become part of the statistics. we believe that a focus on holistic pain management helps patients find relief from most chronic pain without the need for opioid pain killers or other prescription medications. the pain management treatment we offer at clearway pain solutions work to address and relieve pain so you can return to your normal, pain-free life. trigger point injections are used to treat pain in areas of the muscle called trigger points, which are knots of muscle that forms when muscle fails to relax. epidural steroid injections offer relief for patients who have lower back pain and leg pain.

this non-surgical method of treatment can be very effective for treating patients with sciatica and lower back pain. rhizotomy is an effect treatment for chronic back pain from degenerative disc disease, where in pain causing nerve roots are destroyed using radiofrequency waves. facet joint injections deliver pain-relieving medication and are used as part of an interdisciplinary approach to pain management and therapy. providing stability and helping to guide movement, the facet joints can become damaged by arthritis, injury or stress to the back. schedule your individual consultation today to find pain relief so you can live the life you deserve. if you are struggling with pain from a chronic or undiagnosed condition, get in touch for an appointment.

tacoma’s pain treatment center: located in south tacoma, promotes wellness and relief with quality massage for injury recovery, stress management, and basic alternative pain treatment center 7247 s pine st. ste a tacoma, wa 98409 (253) 472-1700 more info. hours, by appointment only. alternative pain treatment center 7247 south pine street, suite a tacoma, wa 98409., .

once seen as bizarre, acupuncture is rapidly becoming a mainstream treatment for pain. studies have found that it works for pain caused by many our mission at alternative pain management is to provide natural and effective ways to combat chronic pain and limited movement. read what people in tacoma are saying about their experience with alternative pain treatment center at 7247 s pine st # a – hours, phone number,, .

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