alternative prostate cancer treatment options

because of those side effects, some men wonder if there are any alternative medicine treatments for prostate cancer that might be helpful. other men are interested in exploring mind-body treatments like yoga, meditation, and massage to ease the side effects of treatment and the stress of a cancer diagnosis. lots of people use either term to describe an unconventional therapy that you use along with a standard medical treatment. some complementary or alternative treatments for prostate cancer may be harmful when used with standard cancer treatments. there’s a lot of it in some fruits and vegetables, particularly cooked tomatoes. some studies show that people who eat diets high in tomatoes and other fruits high in lycopene have lower cancer rates.

in rodent studies, scientists have shown a positive effect of pomegranate in reducing cancer cell growth in mice. one study in china suggested that drinking lots of green tea might help lower the chances of prostate cancer developing. other studies haven’t found a link between green tea and prostate cancer risk among japanese men or japanese-american living in hawaii. in animals, mcp has hindered prostate cancer cells from spreading to other parts of the body. the calming effects of meditation and other relaxation techniques can also benefit people with cancer. remember that alternative treatments can’t take the place of medical treatments for cancer. supportive care in cancer: “mindfulness groups for men with advanced prostate cancer: a pilot study to assess feasibility and effectiveness and the role of peer support.”

the american cancer society offers programs and services to help you during and after cancer treatment. at the american cancer society, we’re on a mission to free the world from cancer. you should also think about the possible side effects of treatment and how likely they are to bother you. if you are younger and otherwise healthy, you might be more willing to accept possible side effects of treatment if they offer you the best chance for cure. the american cancer society and other organizations offer support programs where you can meet and discuss these and other cancer-related issues.

many men find it very stressful to have to choose between treatment options, and are very fearful they will choose the “wrong” one. our team is made up of doctors and oncology certified nurses with deep knowledge of cancer care as well as journalists, editors, and translators with extensive experience in medical writing. chapter 70: cancer of the prostate. chapter 70: cancer of the prostate. the american cancer society is a qualified 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

most doctors believe that surgery, external radiation, and brachytherapy all have about the same cure rates for the earliest stage prostate exploring alternative therapies for prostate cancer saw palmetto pygeum (african plum extract) pomegranate juice diet meditation, yoga, and asco recommends the following brachytherapy options: people with low-risk prostate cancer who need or choose an active treatment may consider low-dose-rate, related health topics, related health topics.

cryotherapy. cryotherapy for prostate cancer freezes prostate tissue, causing cancer cells to die. this type of treatment is sometimes used as an alternative to surgical removal of the prostate gland. treatments for prostate cancer other than surgery hormone therapy radiation therapy for prostate cancer targeted therapy chemotherapy. green tea ( camellia sinensis ). green tea is an antioxidant that may lower risk of cancer and heart disease. in one study, green tea extract seemed to help radical prostatectomy removing the entire prostate gland through surgery, known as a radical prostatectomy, is a common option for men whose cancer has not, .

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