alternative stroke therapy

“studies suggest that acupuncture after a stroke may improve problems with pain, spasticity, physical functions, quality of life, and cognitive functions,” says yu-ching hsu, chinese medicine doctor at tainan hospital, ministry of health and welfare, in tainan, taiwan. a study published in 2014 in american journal of recreation therapy examined the effects of yoga on 26 individuals with chronic stroke.

a study published in 2012 in the journal of chinese integrative medicine found that thai massage and herbal treatments can improve daily function, mood, sleep patterns, and pain in individuals who have suffered a stroke. in a case report published in april 2012 in the journal of alternative and complementary medicine, a woman suffering from postpartum stroke showed improvements in her speech and fine motor skills after 14 sessions of urut melayu, the traditional malay massage. after evaluating 28 trials that included over 2,000 patients, in a meta-analysis published in december 2017 in the journal medicine, researchers found that some patented chinese herbal supplements — shuxuetong, mailuoning, xuesaitong, and buchang naoxintong — may improve neurological function and the ability to participate in activities of daily living in stroke patients.

according to a 50-year study of strokes in india, where strokes are more common than in western countries, managing the risk factors of stroke was the best option for prevention. your doctor may prescribe medication for lowering cholesterol and may recommend a heart-healthy lifestyle. according to the harvard health blog, research findings suggest that yoga may improve stroke recovery, especially for people with balance issues or fear of falling. learn relaxation techniques to reduce tension in your mind and body.

ho cardiovascular disease and stroke centre in hong kong found that one-hour ecp treatments for 35 days increased blood pressure by 13 percent, heart function by 74 percent, and blood flow to the brain by 9 percent. it’s suggested certain vitamins or supplements may help with risk factors such as high cholesterol and blood vessel damage. using cam treatments to manage controllable risk factors can be helpful for stroke prevention and recovery. what bradley rose thought was just a bad headache turned out to be a stroke at the age of 33. here’s how the popular peloton instructor found his way… a large analysis found that young women under the age of 35 have a higher risk of ischemic stroke than young men and female stroke survivors typically…

complementary and alternative medicine (cam) may help with stroke prevention and recovery. examples of cam treatments include massage, dietary supplements, or based on the available data, the national institutes of health recommend acupuncture as an alternative or supplemental therapy for stroke yoga stroke survivors often face issues with coordination and balance, and yoga proves beneficial to improve those impairments. acupuncture, .

marma massage improved motricity index and trunk control. thai massage and herbal treatments improved the barthel index. on meta-analysis, yoga well-conducted trials are needed to better define the role of alternative therapies in the process of poststroke recovery; the chinese medicine neuroaid alternative treatments for stroke recovery acupuncture. this practice has its roots in chinese medicine, and it may help with pain, spasticity, .

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