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we specialized in therapeutic massage therapy for pain relief. we perform a comprehensive consultation before each massage to help us better understand your goals for your massage and how we can help you achieve them. the massage therapists at alternative therapy center have helped weekend warriors, runners, cyclists and many others in st. pete fl massage their pain away for over 25 years! we are a highly specialized private massage practice, not a chain or franchise. alternative therapy center is located just minutes from downtown st. pete or on dr mlk jr st. n, just south of 22nd ave. we are your source for top notch massage in dtsp!

he listened and worked all the areas i needed. a bit sore the day after which is to be expected but today i feel great! “i’ve been going to the alternative therapy center decades now after being broadsided driving home, ending up with whiplash, neck and back pain. “gina worked on the main issue with my shoulder and numbness going down into my thumb. i appreciate her help in making my body function better–i need to come in more often!”

in this article, we discuss complementary and alternative medicine (cam), which is also called complementary and integrative medicine. when an alternative (not mainstream) practice is used with conventional (mainstream) medicine, it’s called “complementary” or “integrative” health care. mind-body techniques may help a patient with neck or back pain to use their mind to affect or control their symptoms in a positive way, thereby reducing pain. biologically-based therapies incorporate nature-based substances such as botanicals and dietary supplements to ease pain.

natural substances include ginseng, ginkgo, fish oil, or echinacea and may be available in different forms, such as a tea, aromatherapy oils, syrup, powder, tablet, or capsule. energy therapies may help shift or unblock energy fields in the body.qi gong (eg, breathing techniques), reiki (eg, stress reduction/relaxation), and magnets are therapies based on moving energy. while there may be studies supporting a particular practice, the number of human participants is often small. just because a substance is natural doesn’t mean it can’t hurt you, cause illness or allergic reaction, or a serious interaction with a medication. always tell your treating doctor about all the herbs, vitamins and supplements (in any form) that you take, especially if you are scheduled for a neck or back procedure (eg, spinal injection, surgery).

a st. pete massage practice, the alternative therapy center, is located at 1631 dr . jr st n, st petersburg fl. we offer a variety of massage services. the spineuniverse alternative treatment center can help you find trustworthy information about complementary and integrative alternative millburn is a professionally run clinic, where all the therapists are experts in their own field. we want to help you discover a path to health and well- being., handcrafted healing, handcrafted healing, massage st petersburg, fl, bodhi massage therapy, solely massage.

the alternative health clinic is a friendly multidisciplinary practice. our practitioners work together with you to re-balance your health and well-being. where you can go to have complementary therapies ; acupuncture; reflexology; massage (including aromatherapy massage and shiatsu) ; massage; hypnotherapy a well-known and respected alternative therapy centre in palma offering treatments such as rolfing, naprapathy, yoga and more., healing hands massage, peaceful warrior massage, acupuncture, chinese medicine upper back pain.

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