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this burgeoning treatment strategy kills cancer cells by overloading their iron metabolism, causing a buildup of toxic compounds within the cell. “this shows there is a real potential for ferroptosis-based therapy,” said dong-hyun kim, phd, associate professor of radiology in the division of basic and translational radiology research and senior author of the study. while immunotherapy is an expanding treatment approach that boosts a patient’s own anti-tumor abilities, its use is still limited to just a few types of cancer, as many tumors don’t respond to immunotherapy. rather than bombarding cells with radiation, or inducing the immune system to attack cancer cells, this strategy uses iron nanoparticles to jump-start the fenton reaction, part of the normal process of iron metabolism in cells. but when additional iron is introduced into the cells, it runs hot and produces many more reactive oxygen species which can weaken or kill the cell.

the core is made of iron and ascorbic acid, which is a precursor for vitamin c and a necessary component of the fenton reaction. the shell is made of a polymer and shields the core until an alternating magnetic field is applied — in this case, from a magnetic resonance imaging (mri) machine. kim and his team found that this new shelled particle was more effective at destroying tumor cells, both in petri dishes and in mouse models of cancer when compared to older versions of the iron particles. “this on-demand treatment release can be very important for decreasing side effects and for focusing the magnetic field on just the tumor region,” said kim, who is also a member of the robert h. lurie comprehensive cancer center of northwestern university. this work was mainly supported by grants r01ca218659 and r01eb026207 from the national cancer institute and the national institute of biomedical imaging and bioengineering.

about two years after her diagnosis, the cancer was in her liver and no longer curable. news of another chemotherapy refusal is reviving focus on alternative cancer therapies – and on what advice doctors should give patients who spurn the conventional for the natural. “we think that these results point to a need for patients and clinicians to engage in informed decision making about [alternative medicine] use following a cancer diagnosis,” said lead author dr. heather greenlee of columbia university’s mailman school of public health.

i’m your adviser but i’m not your decision-maker.’ i try to take a data-driven approach,” said scott, a medical oncologist at seattle cancer care alliance, specializing in the treatment of patients with myelodysplastic syndrome – diseases of the bone marrow that are sometimes referred to as “preleukemias.” for patients swayed by hearing of a person whose malignancy was cured by a natural remedy, scott has a ready response: what works for one person may not work for another. but the majority of that subset chooses to go it alone, he said. fearing the treatment would make her infertile, campbell found an oncologist who believed she had “time to try alternative therapies” and agreed to monitor her while she relied on a raw, vegan diet and a long menu of natural supplements. previously, he was a contributing writer for and, covering breaking news, health and the military.

how can alternative medicine help people with cancer? ; pain, acupuncture, aromatherapy, hypnosis, massage, music therapy ; sleep problems, cognitive behavioral there are plenty of clinically proven alternatives to chemotherapy including immunotherapy and targeted medicines just to name a few. in fact, an unproven treatment may become conventional if rigorous research proves its worth. there are many types of alternative treatments (, .

why the interest in alternative therapies for cancer? mind/body therapies like yoga, tai chi, meditation therapies taken orally, topically, or many women wonder whether “natural” or “alternative” treatments for breast will chemotherapy kill all the healthy cells in my body? iron nanoparticles in a polymer shell could be one day used to treat cancer, according to a northwestern medicine study published in nature, . there are several alternative cancer treatments to chemotherapy, including immunotherapy, photodynamic therapy, and laser therapythis article looks at alternatives to chemotherapy and explores their benefits and risks.photodynamic therapy. laser therapy. immunotherapy. targeted therapy. hormone therapy.

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