alternatives to therapy

or a complete stranger in a dark room asking you to spill your darkest secrets and then slinging a handful of medication at you. call the number on the back of your insurance card or visit your insurance website and find out what mental health coverage is offered. in other words, the person you talk to won’t go to your employer or family members and tell them what you talked about. beyond immediate assistance, the person you speak to can offer advice and referrals for further resources if you need them.

you must be physically in l.a. county to register for the free account. there are also free videos on youtube, free meditations available through spotify and a number of podcasts available in the many places where you can find podcasts. other mental health apps: if you’re looking for apps suited to a particular condition, issue or treatment type, you can browse more than 200 in one mind psyberguide’s database. “you can make a lot of progress on your own if you’re motivated and can access a book from the library or from amazon,” debonis said. the team publishes stories and information that help people solve problems, answer questions, and make big decisions about life in and around los angeles.

but what if your financial circumstances prevent you from sitting down with a mental health professional or you want an alternative to traditional talk therapy? here are five alternative ways to get you started on the path to better mental health. this form of meditation can help you manage symptoms related to anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. getting good at recognizing this takes some time but once you do, it can help reset the negative messages that play over and over again in your head. there are a ton of mindfulness apps that will guide you through daily meditations including headspace, calm, and stop breathe, & think. “if you can watch out for these thought patterns and then talk back to them, you can be your own therapist,” he said.

if money’s tight but you really want to have some face time with a licensed therapist, it might be worth your energy to check out some of the low-cost/no-cost options in your area. a great place to find out more about services in your area is the substance abuse and mental health services administration website, a government agency that helps people find mental health and substance abuse treatment. in many states you can also dial 2-1-1 to find a community mental health center near you. if you don’t mind spilling your guts to a group of strangers, then a low-cost/no-cost support group might be worth looking into. typically, they are run by a mental health professional. but in some cases, a group member could be the one leading the pack.

complementary and alternative therapies. these include options such as yoga, massage, meditation and herbal remedies. (see our pages on complementary and free alternatives to therapy. your workplace, school or place of worship: check with your employer to find out if your job offers an employee practice mindfulness meditation practice a little “at home” cognitive behavioral therapy look into low-cost or no-cost options try a mental, .

alternative options to therapy include exercise (like yoga and dance), meditation, art, music, journaling, and reading. mental health apps are available to help support you as well. if available to you, animals can also be a great resource for emotional connection. the ultimate list of therapy alternatives such as treatments, mind-body practices, complementary methods, and various resources and tools. 1 emdr therapy 2 music and gong therapy 3 sand tray therapy 4 art therapy. perhaps the most evidence-based alternative therapies are mindfulness programs, like mindfulness-based stress reduction (mbsr), which usually, .

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