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i would return after a few minutes and do my second maximum effort set after which, i would go back into the head to shave. finally, it is more important to do the pull-ups than it is to do the pushups. this day can wind up being the longest training day as you continue with the program because you will find it easy to do lots of training sets. it is important that you do not change the repetitions in a training set in midstream. if your performance is at the 12-15 repetition level when you begin this program, then it will take about 4 weeks to complete. so, i do both the pull up and rowing regiments 5 days a week. day 4, if i do 6 reps as my working set and have a minute rest between set i can basically continue doing strict pullups for hours. day 2 is rest 10 seconds for each rep in the previous set or as i interpret it, the set you just performed. rest 10 seconds for each repetition in the previous set.’ on the pyramid i assume it is a traditional pyramid and you go back down after you fail to do more than you did on last set? the issue is that i can do 8 pullups on the first set, but only 1 or 2 on the second, and then not even 1 on the third! for me the difficulty is wide>normal>close, in this way i am able to do many more reps please help what about working out other muscle groups during the program? my goal is to build muscles outdoors, since i want a change from the gym, and i’m pretty heavy (96kg) so my body as resistance should be enough. i know this question is 5 years old but for anyone reading it now if you are in the same situation it is fine to continue on. i don’t want to give up my cf routine as it is the most important routine in my life right now and i am making a lot of progress in fitness.

any feedback would be helpful as i may have the opportunity to go before the selection board in january and need a much higher pft score to have a prayer of getting in. so, is it okay to do a training set on day three of say four reps and then on day 4 you do five or 6 reps, or do you stick with reps for day four as that was your training set for day three? is it a good thing to do or will it decrease the result of the pull up routine? if you get less than nine sets, you will still have accomplished a good day’s work, and confirmed that your training set was correct for this week.” hi this is indeed a very nice program, i want to ask how to do this pull up program together with the p90x, is it possible to do both? is it ok to do the pull ups routine for each day that late? for me to do any kind of training inc. the morning pushup routine, if i have a goal in mind for each set. i do not want to keep completing the program a day before our test and not perform well on my pullups since i did not give my body the proper rest. on day 4: do you need to do as much sets as you can of the regular pull up or from all three? second, regarding the push-ups: from all the responses i have read on this thread, i’ve gathered that it is ok to do other exercises after pull-ups. if you have an upcoming pft start doing the armstrong workout a few weeks in advance and then take a few days of complete rest beforehand. i think this program is designed specifically to increase pull up reps. i personally will be starting this program in the next week when i get my bar installed and will be doing legs and core after the pullups and pushups in the morning. my strength level got to the point where i could do 210 push-ups over 5 sets with a 60# vest on. is this just a number that i choose that would allow me to comfortably do 9 sets of pull-ups with a 60 second rest between each set, as per day 3? our recommendation is just to start your workouts with armstrong (including rest breaks) and do cardio after, or do two separate workouts in the day so that your cardio workouts don’t hurt your armstrong progress. i was a little worried though when they came out with the new order for females to do pull-ups.

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