auric magnetic healing

magnetic/auric healing is the clearing and the realignment of the magnetic or auric energy field that sounds our physical body. the aura is a field of electromagnetic energy, that surrounds all life forms; people, animals, plants. it is now understood that many diseases may begin in this energy field. by passing one’s trained hands through the auric field of the receiver, one is able to locate, and clear, the physical blockages, blocked and discordant energy, and imbalances within the body, as well as in the etheric, or auric field.

an aura that is healthy will feel smooth and free; you can run your hands freely through it without feeling any ‘blocks’ or ‘obstacles’ by working the energy through these areas, one can pickup, or move the unwanted energy, thus clearing the energy field to restore it to its natural healthy fluidity. however, it is also a ”complete’ modality in itself, and stands alone as an excellent modality of healing – on all levels. this wonderful healing modality is also excellent for our pets and animals. energy healing is a complimentary healing system and should not replace your current medical/vet advice and medication.

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working with body’s electromagnetic fields, it is a non-touch method to channel 5d harmonic love & light via healer’s hands to draw out blocks, inflammation and trauma in physical, emotional, mental, spiritual levels. improves sleep, hormone balances and overall well-being. immediate effect can be felt after the first session and frequencies will stay for 48 hours. they respond well to healing frequencies and heal much faster than adults. auric magnetic healing was originally founded by late kiwi in waihi, colin lambert. currently my practice is located at 71 marua rd, ellerslie.

the result. auric magnetic energy healing can be transformational as it works on every level: the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. some people can magnetic healing | energy healing | mhu certified practitioners | aura cleansing | chakra balancing | meridian alignment | body well-being | spiritual for people and their animals what is magnetic/auric healing? magnetic/auric healing is the clearing and the realignment of the magnetic or auric energy, .

auric magnetic healing or energy healing is the channelling of energy that comes from the inner source, which drives you to your true entity. an hour session starts with evaluation your vibration level and completes with chakra balancing and strengthening aura. healing with children and dogs as well. in cases of magnetic healing, etc., the matter is comparatively simple. in such instances the healer by an effort of the will (sometimes unconsciously, .

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