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create #nocode automated workflows to build charts with data from your top tools. add automatic chart generation capability to your app or workflow with our custom api. skip the hours of trying to find a way to embed charts across apps and browsers and the complexity of a server-side solution. i was just about to hire a programmer to integrate charts into my reporting emails. image charts allowed us to quickly replace our internal and old report generation backend and use features we were just dreaming of! in 2015, i was developing an alert feature for redsmin and i needed to find a way to generate good looking charts automatically. because i didn’t want to implement this by myself i started looking around for existing solutions; the only tool available at the time was google image charts.

i decided it was best to build my own tool, and that’s how i began reverse engineering google image charts. since then i’ve been continuing to add new features and improve image-charts to be the easiest way to create and embed api-created charts anywhere. bar charts are essential for everyday use because they provide an effective way of visualizing and comparing data. a line chart allows the visual representation of data in the form of points connected to form a line. whether it’s straight or curved will depend on the data being used to create a line chart. we’ll walk you through how to design a beautiful progress bar. and how to automagically create one with zapier.

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