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you can use behavior charts to track your child’s responsibilities, reward them for completing chores, or reinforce a specific behavior. a chore chart is a behavior chart that lists a child’s daily chores and includes boxes that children can check off when they have completed a chore. behavior charts can encourage positive behaviors and teach children to be independent and take accountability for their actions. as you implement a behavior chart, there are additional ways to motivate your children to complete their chores and exhibit positive behavior. a simple “great job” or “thank you for your help” can motivate young children as they develop positive habits. the best way to get the most use out of your behavior charts is to start with chores and behaviors that are age-appropriate.

don’t be afraid to give them a lot of praise and even rewards. sharing a toy is a great way to put use to a single behavior chart. ideally, these behaviors are the steps to a bigger process and will guide your children through accomplishing the desired behavior. for example, to help your child create a bedtime routine, first create a list of behaviors you want them to associate with bedtime. you can use this chart to keep track of multiple tasks in a child’s morning, after-school, or bedtime routine. behavior charts are a system to encourage positive behaviors and guide children to be responsible and accountable. focus on using them strategically, and they can be a great tool to motivate children to form positive habits.

behaviour chart format

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behaviour chart guide

are you looking for an easy way to improve your kids’ behavior? these free printable behavior charts can improve your child’s behavior overnight. no registration required to download or print. behavior charts track a child’s behavior and reward positive desirable behavior. the reward can either be the sticker on the behavior chart or a treat that children receive when they earn enough stars. charts with only ten steps usually work best for kids age 3 to 5, while older kids typically need around 20 steps. we offer a variety of free behavior charts that you can download and print. a good behavior sticker chart ensures that we praise desirable behavior, which we otherwise might not have recognized. behavior charts can be very efficient from age 3 until about age 7 or 8. the age of the child will determine the number of stars or steps on the chart.

for younger kids up to age 5, we recommend a chart with 10 steps. pick a few specific actions that your child will clearly understand. the reward should be something your child wants to earn and will enjoy. if that will not work for your children, then decide on a reward when they earn a certain number of stickers such as going out for ice cream. you can add pictures to any chart. click on “add photo” and add a photo if your child cannot read yet. remember to give them a sticker on their chart immediately after the behavior. reward your children often when you use the behavior chart. once this new behavior has become a habit, you can either stop using the sticker chart template or start a new chart with new goals. rewards that they have earned are theirs, and you should not take them away for misbehaving.