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i’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again: it’s time we begin taking care of the skin on our bodies with the same fervor we use when our faces are involved. it’s better to preserve your skin now than repair damaged and aged skin down the line. beefing up your body skincare routine is the first step, and the next is taking a look at in-office treatments. the full-body treatment begins with allover exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and impurities (this is the microdermabrasion part; i have never felt softer), followed by a head-to-toe application of pure oxygen infused with joanna vargas’s vitamin-packed daily serum ($85). it’s so deeply moisturizing and revitalizing for your skin, but i’d say it does a number on your mind as well.

this one, in particular, offers a body treatment with the cult-favorite formula to gently exfoliate as well as moisturize your skin. the treatment activates your metabolism and allows for your energy flow overall to improve. it is not specifically a body treatment but can be used for a variety of body issues—such as skin tightening and stretch marks. while it can take three to six months to see your final results, there is no downtime after the procedure, and you’ll notice firmer skin after your first treatment. it includes a massage and bath with dead sea salts to activate and strengthen the fluid exchange between your tissues.

when it comes to treatments, even those with the most high maintenance of beauty routines often neglect the rest of their body – but body treatments are big business and they allow us to cut corners that diet, exercise and an excellent body skincare routine just can’t touch. he sees having treatments on the body as complementary to a healthy lifestyle. while we can’t transform it with just treatments, we can put a metaphorical cherry on top of good work if clients are also willing to put the effort in with a balanced diet and exercise routine.” but which treatments to try? consider arms, abs and thighs thoroughly contoured after dr prager’s resurface & renew treatment, which utilises radio frequency and electromagnetic fields to boost collagen production beneath the skin, break down stubborn fat and tighten loose skin. they use a salicylic peel to help de-clog pores and take down both bacteria and inflammation, leaving you with clear skin void of spots. we all went wild for led light treatments on our face, but they’re also available for the body. we all have it, but cellulite can be a point of insecurity for many of us.

velashape is an fda-approved treatment that relies on infrared light, radio frequency, and a vacuum to help tone up areas prone to puckered skin. the pursuit of rippling abs is a never-ending one, but there is a way to cheat. it works by using electromagnetic energy to repeatedly contract muscles, a process that is almost totally painless, very effective and can be done on the behind, too. you need four sessions over the course of two weeks for best results. coolsculpting is the only fda-approved fat reducing treatment that freezes the fat cells resistant to exercise, so that the body can naturally remove them via the lymphatic system. it requires no downtime and and takes from 35 minutes to an hour for each session, depending on which area is being treated – but you do need to have a pinchable amount of fat. growth factor needling is a great option to help improve firmness and improve the tone of body skin. at the eudelo clinic, they combine this with synthetic growth factors which help your skin to accelerate the process.

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