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the following is a list of the most popular comparison charts. the bar chart is one of the simplest and most straightforward comparison charts. the circle area, or circle size, is the factor you can change to represent a value. you can only use them to explain the composition of a whole. it is even more complicated when the data you want to show is not numerical. another example of how to use mosaic charts is for the use of resources over different tasks or projects. the great thing is that you can also compare data between different categories and dimensions simultaneously.

by plotting them in one chart you can show the performance of each and compare them with each other. also, with a glance, you will be able to identify outliers in the plot. they show the distribution and skewness of the data points. the creation of a comparison chart is pretty straightforward, really. you fill in the data, and bam, your comparison chart is ready to rock. they lay out the maze so you can spot the cheese—fast. but stick to the facts, present data objectively, and ensure your comparison methodology is transparent.

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you have to put some thought into the presentation of the data to create clarity and boost understanding. the things that stand out to you are the same things that you should emphasize to your readers. we, as readers, are particularly good at comparing the length of bars in a bar chart (in contrast to the segments of a pie chart, for example), making bar and column charts the best charts for showing comparisons. they’re usually shaded in proportion to the value of some variable, and can be used to show location-based patterns: line charts are the most effective chart for displaying time-based data. when working with tables in the editor, you have a few options to customize the look of your table.

to find the best organizational chart for your infographic, think about the structure of your information and find a chart that reflects that structure. starting the axis of a bar or line chart at some value other than zero is a sure-fire way to distort your data. chart labels, headings, and annotations should be used to explicitly state the things you want your readers to take away from your chart, to eliminate the possibility of misinterpretation. for more complex charts, choose one key color to distinguish more important values from less important values (and use gray to attenuate the data that you want to be less of a focus). just click the chart you want to use, pop in your data, and you’re good to go! use the iccor method to choose the best charts for your infographic data.

the number of charts you can use to visualize data is vast. these charts (above) can save you space and make your data visualization dashboard lean. you can use the charts above to create persuasive and compelling data stories using comparison chart maker. in others, if you use the best graphs for comparing two sets of data, you’re more likely to win your audience over than using numbers only. a dual axis line chart is one of the best graph to compare two sets of data. you can use the chart to visualize a trend in the data over time intervals. the visualization design uses two axes to easily illustrate the relationships between two variables with different magnitudes and scales of measurement. the chart can help you uncover hidden trends and relationships in various datasets.

and this means to create advanced excel charts you’ve got to spend extra effort and time editing the chart. a comparison chart is a visualization design you can use to compare the performance of two or more key variables in your data. the number of charts you can use to visualize data is vast. these charts (above) can save you space and make your data visualization dashboard lean. how to visualize your data with comparison-based graphs, such as a dual axis line chart, should never be a problem for you. sign up for a 7-day free trial today to access easy-to-interpret and visually appealing comparison charts for your data story. unlock secrets of effective financial reporting with our guide on how to prepare financial statement. explore a wealth of insights with 360 feedback examples.