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there is a whole ecosystem underneath – muscles, fat deposits, bones and fascia that are changing as we age. also, face is very much connected to scalp, neck and shoulders, and oftentimes the missing piece is releasing a stagnation & tension from overthere. with the knowledge of more than 30 styles of massage, intuitive energy work and deep relaxation techniques including breathing and sound bath we are able to go to the roots of the problem. my skin looked quite literally transformed after a holistic facial with anastasia. as a skincare enthusiast i feel that i take better care of my skin than the average person but this goes to show that a facial can provide dramatic results that even the best skincare regimen cannot. my skin looked brighter, lighter, and significantly more toned. i like that anastasia thrives on continuously learning and training in her field. i’m sharing from the bottom of my heart with everyone who lives or travels to la and wants to get the best facial massages in the area; contact an incredibly talented beauty specialists at @koshaspa and you can thank me later!???? your face will never be the same – mine is much more plump, soft and youthful since i started going here. when an hour of customized facial becomes an unforgettable experience with face massage to die for.

after sickness my skin got very dry and dull. @koshaspa did that and much more in just one session! well… @koshaspa does the best face massage ???? which is a natural form of anti aging skin care. instant results and relief  i have studied in russia privately with 2 different teachers and also developed my own technique throughout the years of practice. i was the first to offer it in california in 2017. i now combine classic buccal with muscles stretching, lifting and myofascial release so my approach for intraoral work is pretty unique. i do have other amazing therapists at the spa – and they are easier to get an appointment with. i sell what i truly believe in and personally use. my concept of ideal skincare product is “clean” but effective for what it’s treating whereas it’s acne or dehydration.​ yes i always do some type of energy work in my facials. that’s just my mindset – i can’t work with just the body. and touch in general is always about energy exchange.

you won’t be able to see it, but trust us: your back looks amazing. read more » forget mani/pedis: the setup at this open-concept facial bar (side-by-side reclining facial loungers) makes “going for facials” the best way to indulge with your girlfriends. read more » owner kristy cole put so many refreshing creams and masks on our skin during an hour-long rosacea/sensitive facial that we lost track of which one was papaya and which one was rose. read more » the 90-minute plumping session starts with a massage to release tension, uses micro-crystalline algae and silk extracts to firm skin, and ends with microcurrents to perk up facial muscles. read more » when was the last time you fell asleep during a facial?

read more » sometime in my mid-20s, three faint but distinct lines decided to plant themselves on my brow, stretching from temple to temple across my forehead like a fence without posts. i sometimes stand under the harshest light in my bathroom, dapping on a variety of products to see if with the right combination they might plump back out, like little troughs just waiting to be filled. the magic comes courtesy of a non-invasive, utterly relaxing 60 minutes filled with exfoliating, a little microdermabrasion, and lots of moisturizing. read more » mary freihofner’s operation is small and bare-bones, and her $55 facials end in a hard sell. read more » it’s not just hype that keeps mieloch’s waitlist perennially hovering around the three-month mark. read more » when owner penny ordway’s expert hands get at your face with tonics and lotions from dr. hauschka skin care, an all-natural brand imported from germany, you’re left with skin so soft, you can’t stop touching it.

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