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org chart software is an interactive visualization tool that illustrates the structure of an organization, highlighting the hierarchy and relationships between departments and individuals. team communication apps sometimes provide org chart functionality for a better understanding of team dynamics and to enhance internal communication and collaboration within the company. scalability: the best org chart software is designed to support your organization’s growth and expansion without compromising on functionality or performance. it comes equipped with an expansive list of templates for org charts, giving you a running start on your designs.

for big companies, keeping an org chart up to date is like nailing jell-o to a tree. organimi is a cloud-based org chart software lauded for its user-friendly interface and robust customization options. as with any org chart software, the key is finding a solution that not only offers great features but also grows and adapts alongside the evolving needs of the business. its features support real-time teamwork, allowing team members to work together on a single org chart with seamless integration and real-time updates. you can set up and save multiple versions of your org chart to account for potential changes.

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bring clarity to teams when onboarding new colleagues and reporting roles and relationships with an org chart creator. with suggested corrections and multiple grid views, you’ll make your organizational chart in minutes. your employees are your greatest asset, and miro’s org chart creator helps you get a big-picture view. get started in seconds with our free, pre-made online org chart template, the miro org chart app, or diagram your own from scratch. circulate your org chart so stakeholders can easily weigh in with comments, or choose from one of the many ways to export and share it at high fidelity — including adding it to your confluence pages. using the shapes tool and connector lines, link the roles to departments and create an org chart according to the organization’s hierarchies. share your miro board with your team, and let everyone collaborate on and co-create an org chart with you.

“miro helps solve one of the major gaps in product design: how to manage tasks across product designers whose projects are in different tools.” an org chart shows how roles and reporting relationships are structured within an organization. depending on what type of org chart you make, there will be either a top-down approach to hierarchy – often used in more bureaucratic settings or a more organic structure – with decentralized hierarchies showing more departmentalization. if you use our ready-made org chart template or our org chart app, edit colors and shapes according to your brand style and resize your org chart to fit your needs. the org chart maker has an infinite canvas, allowing you to explore any layout and size. miro’s robust features and infinite canvas allow you to design your chart and transform it into a single source of truth inside your organization. that means people can go back to and consult it anytime and share it in presentations and onboarding sessions. bring a common understanding to teams, present your ideas with great data visualization, and move projects forward. the quickest, easiest way for teams to capture, organize, and map out their ideas.