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are you looking to incorporate spa treatments into your 2022 self-care plan? a facial treatment is the perfect way to refresh yourself and feel great. the exact method for your facial will vary depending on which spa you visit. beer bath hydrotherapy is one of the best detox spa treatments and offers many natural benefits! you’ll usually relax for about an hour while the mud gets to work, cleansing your pores and hydrating your skin.

let’s look at some of the best massage spa services for 2022. if you’re interested in a hands-off full-body massage that offers ultimate relaxation, you’ll absolutely love kicking back in a zero gravity massage chair! a hot stone massage is a spa technique that’s been around for a while, but many people avoid it due to uncertainty. the world of spa services is always evolving, allowing you to target your exact needs and explore the diverse world of spa treatments. whether you make a point to book a monthly spa day or you make it a part of your yearly getaway, spa treatments are totally worth it. if you’re looking to spend some time alone, a spa day is perfect for this.

new resorts are slowly launching after pandemic delays, and while spas are usually the last thing to open, soon, there will be a lot more creative options for spa lovers like myself. more people are traveling with extended family and friends, and spas are shifting to accommodate those groups, with wellness programs for the entire family, even children.” “some spas are introducing mental wellness programs, targeted toward helping to ease the mental stress that has accumulated over the past year,” she continues. others are focusing on transformative experiences that lead to traveling inward or programs that help guests reset themselves.” and now, the world spa awards, created to reward excellence in the spa and wellness sector, has unveiled its nominees for 2021. nominees cover the entire spa industry ranging from hotel spas, wellness retreats, spa destinations, and detox programs to aromatherapy brands and wellness apps. among my favorite categories are the often outrageous spa treatments, including many of the nominations for the world’s best spa signature treatments for 2021. enjoy the spa’s luxurious gold hammam and indulge in a signature palace massage.

the signature spa suite features burj khalifa and downtown dubai’s views and offers a massage bath and horizontal shower waterfall massage to accompany the specialized treatments. the 24-carat gold treatment is used to minimize signs of aging for the face and body. the treatment starts with an exfoliation, followed by a magnesium massage, and concludes with a lavender bath with champagne and caviar. the treatment includes various massage techniques alternated with small heated crystal bags to take guests to a deeper level of relaxation while the warm quartz cradles the body. this 90-minute treatment begins with an herbal foot bath, followed by a full-body massage with stretching and gold plates on the chakra points to enhance energy flow and ending with a pressure point facial.

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