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spa body treatments can be of great help to such individuals to get a soothing relaxation to both body and mind. it will aid you to unwind from the routine stress along with offering a wide range of other benefits. massages: this is one of the oldest and basic forms of body treatment that stimulates the muscles. there are various types of massages, ranging from just relaxing ones that involve applying light pressure to all over the body and deep-tissue types that hit the specific muscle problems. the therapist will accurately scrub the body from the shoulder to the feet depending upon your requirement of a specific region. this procedure is also followed by a massage with creams or moisturizing oils that easily go deep into the skin after the exfoliation.

it was found with an idea of increasing the body temperature gently boosting the circulation, opening pores, and aiding the wrap to be absorbed more easily into the body. in this procedure, this material is applied and left to dry slowly on the skin, by eliminating the toxins and reducing the appearance of pores. dry brushing: this old technique includes brushing the skin with a natural brush by keeping away any kind of moisture or water. this treatment has to be carried out by an expert therapist who will begin by brushing from the feet region, slowly moving up the body while brushing in circular movements towards the heart. moisturizing body treatments: there will be a moisturizing substance like oil or lotions applied to the skin, during this treatment depending on the type of procedure. you may select any kind of body treatment that will help you in naturally providing a boost to your body and mind.

*weekend rates apply to friday, saturday and sunday, along with certain peak periods. while the body is wrapped you will be treated to a stress-relieving face and scalp massage. an application of a moisturizer leaves the skin supple and glowing. the aesthetician will also use the nubody microcurrent spa tool on focused areas to further tone and firm while smoothing away the look of cellulite. the treatment incorporates lavender products, with the final step an application of lemongrass cbd body cream. a tingling vichy shower rinse with seven shower heads removes the scrub. this warming service is designed to exfoliate, open the pores, stimulate circulation, detoxify, and tone and tighten the skin and includes a warming exfoliation and mud mask application. this treatment is designed to reduce the signs of cellulite while improving the tone and texture of the skin. it starts with a stimulating coffee scrub, followed by a chocolate mask and wrap.

a vichy shower with seven shower heads is used to rinse away the mask. this treatment begins with oil applied to the skin, which is then mixed with a salt scrub to gently polish the skin. the final indulgence – the remaining shea butter is massaged into the skin during a full body massage, leaving skin hydrated and muscles soothed. this service uses heat to detoxify the body and calm the mind. stress melts away as you enjoy a face and scalp massage. the service concludes with massage of the feet, allowing the body to cool down gradually. your experience will begin with a private consultation where you will choose your desired target area. this cryo t-shock treatment will target both the abdomen and the legs. this treatment will aid in eliminating localized fat on the abdomen and will help smooth and reduce cellulite on the legs.

body treatments ; *new cellulite reducing body wrap weekday 75 min. $235 *weekend/peak 75 min. $245 ; *new lavender lemongrass cbd body treatment weekday $220 body treatments contouring body experience remineralizing wrap oxygen perfection citrus drench sea glow scrub slim and sculpt body wrap. the woodhouse massages incorporate a foot cleansing ritual and essential oil treatment to induce deep relaxation. each massage uses a technique we call, .

body treatments detox, rehydrate, exfoliate and rejuvenate to renew your skin inside and out! anti-aging perfecting wrap fijian perfecting hand or foot austin, houston’s best full body treatments. award-winning massage, polishes & wraps for relaxation, softer skin & detox w/ exfoliation & hydration. an effective detox solution that eases the body’s water-retention. this unique treatment consists of an aroma sugar scrub and a detoxifying algae body mask., .

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