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we’ll explain how you can easily to turn your google calendar into a gantt chart and take your plans to the next level. but doing so will allow you to have a visual overview of several calendars, synchronized information with your team, and a perfect planning tool. that’s because the best online options have features such as drag and drop scheduling which it easy to update plans quickly and on-the-fly. with a simple sync, you can import your most important google calendar events into a dedicated online gantt chart. to turn plans made in google calendar into gantt charts, you have to have a resource to schedule tasks for. two-way sync is the one for you if you actually want to do some planning with google calendar and create gantt charts of plans made in gcal. that way the events in your google calendar will be synced to ganttic.

the events will sync to ganttic and you have successfully turned events planned in google calendar into gantt charts. but the combination of both gives you the best of both worlds, without also having to deal with new, complicated software. “using a combination of outlook calendars and excel spreadsheets at the time, but were quickly outgrowing these scheduling tools.”  because you can integrate ganttic with your personal calendars, you’ll have the right tools for whatever amount of resources you have. if your team is used to making plans for themselves or time blocking in google calendar and you don’t want to do any extra work, tell them to sync the events planned in google calendar to ganttic. you can also use it yourself to book your important meetings and fill your time slots. yes, you can make a gantt chart in excel. read why gantt charts are the perfect tool to manage your resources & project portfolio!

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that variety of choices is a positive thing — it gives you the flexibility you need to find a system that works well for you and your team. here’s an example of a project calendar: in contrast, a gantt chart is a visual representation of your project timeline that shows project tasks compared to time. most people can look at a standard calendar and immediately understand the information that’s being shared — meaning that a project calendar will require very little training or education to be used by your team. it gives you a straightforward and streamlined way to share the need-to-know information without overwhelming people with all of the complexities of the project timeline.

this is partly because the entire chart is structured like a stack of dominoes to help you understand how tasks flow and interact. your critical path is almost impossible to identify on a standard project calendar, but it’s surprisingly easy with a gantt chart. when it comes to project calendars and gantt charts, neither one is superior across the board. she is also a columnist for inc., writes for the muse, is career editor for the everygirl, and a contributor all over the web.