captain alpha 17

alpha, as was the case with the rest of the arcs, first saw action with the separatist invasion of kamino. when naboo lost contact with the gungan colony moon of ohma-d’un, a separatist attack was suspected, and general kenobi and skywalker were sent to investigate. under kenobi’s orders, alpha went with anakin to find and destroy the bio-weapon responsible for ohma-d’un’s destruction before it could be let loose in theed. following the mission to ohma-d’un, alpha was once again chosen by kenobi and anakin to accompany them on another important mission.

the republic was dealt its greatest blow with the apparent death of obi-wan and alpha while they were clearing out a downed all terrain armored transport. following the ordeal, and after several weeks in a bacta tank, alpha was transferred out of general kenobi’s third systems army and was sent back to kamino, where he was to train current and future generations of clone commanders. of those first hundred, a few were hand-picked by alpha and assigned to squad seven, with commanders davijaan and cody as its leaders. as hostilities wound down, alpha, along with the supposed corpse of asajj ventress, was loaded onto a medical transport and sent back to coruscant for treatment. en route, however, ventress proved very much alive when she took control of the transport and ordered its pilots to take her into the unknown.

he followed anakin’s previous suggestion that he give them names, was promoted to the rank of captain, and became initial development for the clone wars film chose alpha-17, featured in star wars: republic, to be the primary clone – this pin was discovered by connor reese. discover (and save!) your own pins on pinterest., what happened to alpha 17, what happened to alpha 17, alpha 17 death, alpha-17 phase 2, alpha 17 vs rex.

arc lieutenant (later captain) alpha (alpha 17; arc 17), was an arc trooper or officer who was under the command of jedi general obi-wan kenobi and star wars: the clone wars exclusive > captain rex & clone trooper fives action alpha 17(arc trooper) cons: phi, north dakota state: capt. alpha gamma, michigan: major walter harrison smith, ex-’17, december, 1943;, alpha-17 training program, is alpha-17 canon, captain fordo, captain rex

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