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rex later served as a captain and commander within the alliance to restore the republic during the galactic civil war. during the early stages of the rebellion, rex would use his skills and knowledge to help advance the rebel alliance’s cause. rex and cody were instructed to conduct their own search at the republic base. [25] following a lead from gus and chopper, rex and cody ventured back to the command center. [4] rex and his men stayed behind to keep the battle droids busy. rex decided to undertake the mission by himself but was followed by one of his troopers and representative binks. he wanted to show them a taste of battle and brought them back up to the platform. rex and denal were then able to rig the reactors and rendezvous with skywalker and the twilight in the landing bay. rex and the others then planned to steal a shuttle but were then spotted by a recon droid. rex and the jedi then went to a confederate outpost, where they saw a hologram of a creature attack the battle droids. though rex and his troopers were able to seal the lab, they were infected with the virus. [35] rex then fought with skywalker, tano, and his troops when the republic returned to geonosis. after the foundry was destroyed, rex brought in their tanks and gunships to search for tano and offee. at first, rex was disgusted by lawquane’s lack of commitment to the republic. rex and skywalker were to help the third legion on the planet, but tano was to stay behind on coruscant to give a full report on recent events. following the battle, rex promoted echo and fives to arc troopers. rex and the others were then taken back to coruscant. fortunately, rex and his troops were able to destroy the crawler tanks. rex was then sent to attack the umbarans. when skywalker was able to whip kenobi, rex saw his signal and attacked the guards. rex and kenobi then made their way to a gunship and left the facility before it was destroyed. through kix, he gave anakin skywalker and captain rex coordinates to rendezvous with fives so that the three of them could speak privately. after skywalker was done speaking with her, he and rex left for skako with the bad batch. [49] rex and tech managed to free echo from the chamber after some difficulty. rex and his fellow clones managed to fight their way through several battle droids and return to the havoc marauder.

ahsoka defended herself against rex and the other present clones before managing to escape. several years prior to the battle of yavin, rex and his comrades encountered a group of rebels that included the great jedi purge survivor kanan jarrus and his apprentice ezra bridger. he managed to convince wolffe that the rebels were their friends and that the empire was their enemy. honored that kanan and ezra would return to save them, rex and his comrades saluted the jedi and agreed to join the rebellion. under the orders of phoenix leader hera, rex along with kanan and chopper were to infiltrate the imperial warship and rescue bridger and sato. rex decided to buy his rebel comrades more time by holding off their pursuers and locking the blast doors. rex and the other rebels managed to escape into hyperspace in the nick of time. rex and the other rebels managed to escape the imperial module aboard the ghost. zeb was able to activate his transponder and the crew of the ghost was able to rescue him. [91] rex and his companions managed to make it back to the ghost but the starship was held down by a large web woven by the krykna. [93] rex accompanied ezra’s team and hondo on the phantom to reklam station. due to the efforts of rex and his team, the phoenix rebels obtained five y-wings which were then transferred to general jan dodonna’s unit. [17] unable to breach the droidekas’ deflector shields, rex and the rebels were forced to retreat. rex contacted hera and kanan to inform them that he would be rendezvousing with the rebel fleet. following a protracted pursuit, rex and his comrades managed to capture the geonosian. while rex and chopper worked to establish contact with hera, saw and ezra argued about klik-klak; who revealed that he was the custodian of the last geonosian queen’s egg. pryce managed to overpower rex and knock him to the ground. prior to the battle, zeb and rex joked about hunting joopas with rex remarking they were hard to hunt but tasty. rex and his rebel comrades fled aboard the ghost and joined the rebel fleet in space. despite rex and hera’s objections, ezra escaped on a patrol transport and went up to face thrawn aboard the chimaera. [102] rex along with his fellow team a members hondo and ketsu onyo were assigned to the north power terminal. [9] rex was remembered in the time after galactic civil war’s battle of endor, and was mentioned by a member of the whills, as someone to be remembered in galactic history. rex was staunchly loyal to the old republic and refused to recognize the authority of the galactic empire after his inhibitor chip was removed by tano. still, rex was empathetic to gerrera’s pain and realized that his comrade was still grieving the loss of his sister steela. rex used dual dc-17 blaster pistols in combat during the clone wars and continued to use them after the fall of the republic. “[109] the rebels’ series finale, which aired on march 5, 2018, confirmed that rex did fight in the battle of endor, though it did not confirm whether he and sant were the same character.

as the captain of the 501st, rex served as second-in-command to jedi general anakin skywalker, whose bravery and ct-7567, nicknamed rex, was a clone captain during the clone wars. he worked as a commanding captain rex, later commander rex, designation number ct-7567, is a, captain rex death, captain rex death, captain rex helmet, captain rex endor, captain rex order 66. u’ Captain Rex, later Commander Rex, designation number CT-7567, is a fictional character in the Star Wars science fiction universe created by George Lucas and a main character of the animated The Clone Wars 2008 film and the related television series of the same name.

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