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we may earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy. going back to school means easing into a new routine, and if you’re worried about getting your kids organized and making sure they stay on top of their chores and homework this year, you can get them started on new habits with these genius diy chore chart ideas. of course, you’ll also have to come up with some good age-appropriate responsibilities to put on your chore chart. ), this simple homemade chore chart will help incentivize kids to help out with bigger jobs around the house.

all you need is some popsicle sticks and washi tape to create this easy system to help motivate your kids to complete their chores. if your kids are obsessed with toy cars, they’ll love this fun magnetic chore chart that will keep track of their daily tasks. hang this easy diy chore chart on your child’s bedroom door so that as they completes tasks, they can easily keep track of what they have left to do everyday. when you (or your kids) check off three in a row, treat yourselves to a fun reward.

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this set, which comes with four sticker sheets, will help you (or you and your partner) get a handle on everything it takes to run a household — from daily and one-off tasks to managing the mental load of parenthood. we include a free digital download to help you implement this in your household without fighting. we’ve developed a visual system meant to take a complicated, abstract problem and make it concrete, actionable, and easy to implement. after all, the last thing you want to do is spend a bunch of time diying something, paying to have it laminated, and then discovering you forgot something. you may have downloaded a visual schedule on etsy or tried to diy your own. here are a few of the problems our schedules solve: we’ve spent the last ten years perfecting these schedules. every aspect of these charts — from the neutral color of the chart itself to our exclusive method of using reusable stickers — is intentional.

we don’t have the buying power of target, which means our products are more expensive for us to purchase. we also don’t have the same flexibility as amazon — we are real people. when you buy from mighty + bright, you’re helping real women put food on the table every night. the decision to carry only weekly calendars was not made lightly — it was made based on research about what kids can handle. the truth is, depending on the age kids can handle only about a week or two at a time. the goal is to display the child’s life for them to understand — not to create a command center for the whole family. that said, if you have a reason to show more than one week at a time (such as co-parenting arrangement where the child sees a parent every other weekend), you might want to create an always up-to-date perpetual calendar. set up a weekly time — most people do sundays before or after dinner — to go through the follow week’s activities.

she has over 18 years of journalistic experience, appearing as a diy expert on the dr. oz show and several radio shows. if you’re looking for a solution that motivates kids to get their chores done, you’ll want to check out these chore chart ideas. they give you a place to list chores or extra money-earning jobs and assign them to a certain family member. this tutorial takes chore charts and turns the chores into magnets. this chore chart is available as a free download in the color schemes of blue and green and pink and peach. each day of the week can be checked off once that chore is completed. you’ll find a free printable chore chart here that has daily tasks for the kids to remember, like brushing their teeth and picking up toys. every child gets a die and gets to roll it each day to find out what chore they get.

this makes it fun for the kids and keeps chore lists different from day to day. dry erase vinyl is added so the chore chart can be used over and over again. make a bucket for each room and assign that room to a child. the result is a very cute family chore chart that allows for you to easily move around, take away, and add in chores. this is a chore chart that’s all about those extra jobs—extra jobs that the kids can do when they really want to earn some money. this chore chart idea includes making a key hanger frame and using it as a chore chart board. each child is assigned a room and handed the matching chore chart. these printable chore charts come in three different colorful designs so the kids can choose their favorite. these are laminated and a dry erase marker is used so the chore charts can be reused each week.