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let’s take a look at the different types of flowcharts there are and how you can use the right one for your business communication needs. this decision flowchart is quite simple, but it is an ideal example of a format with questions that need to be asked and the order in which they should be posed. a swimlane flowchart is a type of workflow diagram that is always cross-functional and illustrates the order in which decisions or actions happen and the relationships between them.

an event-driven process or edp flowchart (also called an epc diagram, with epc standing for event-driven process chain) is similar to a use case flowchart or diagram in that it focuses on customers or users. for more details on business process mapping, read our blog post: how to diagram a business process [process diagramming templates] by now, you must have realized how versatile flowcharts are and how they can be used in different industries for various decision-making scenarios. whether you want to help your team members visualize and memorize a new business process, make a crucial executive decision or engage your audience with an entertaining visual, the various types of flowcharts available with venngage should suit all your needs.

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that is why it helps to spot your mistakes in the process. for that reason, it is a perfect choice to evaluate fiscal numbers through audits. moreover, this flowchart also helps you take care of all their taxes from the job. the career path for a banking company is similar to that of any other firm. you can use it to see career progression through the stages of business control. the first section of this company flowchart describes how a firm works.

the purpose of a value stream map is to help you understand how your company makes money. in this case, it helps employees understand how the company works. a launch timeline is a diagram showing the process of developing and launching a new product. it is available to viewers all over the world. it mainly outlines the impact of these activities on the past and present company state. edrawmax is a free software used for the production of customized visual representations. that is how they can assess it from their positions within the company.

a flowchart is a visual map to help explain a process for decision-making, achieving results, or projecting an outcome. to help you create actionable flowcharts for your organization, we’ve listed the best flowchart templates for you to download and start using today to create a better process in any area of your business. for a flowchart that doesn’t need gridlines or different shapes, this template is the best solution. this makes it easier to figure out if and when you should move forward. with one singular goal, this flowchart format has a clear beginning and end and makes it easy to outline a simple process. this is exceedingly important for determining which teams need to interact with a customer and when.

for continuous email marketing campaigns, you might need a more agile flowchart where you can determine when to move a subscriber to another email list. a flowchart like this is useful if you’re trying to outline a process with different “branches.” zen flowchart is simple to use with a wide range of features. this flowchart tool offers a different approach to flowchart creation that can save many users time and effort. business flowchart templates are the fastest and easiest way to build flowcharts. click below to download the templates for free to better illustrate and communicate processes in your company.

process flowcharts can be used to visualize the steps in a process, organize the flow of work or highlight important decisions required to complete projects. even when the topic is flowcharts themselves like in this example, the basic structure of a decision flowchart is simple and clear. the flow of information in this process flowchart is guided by the arrows, and there’s no need for the reader to make any decisions along the way. it’s easy to customize this example to ensure that new team members get the lay of the land quickly.

this simple flowchart is about troubleshooting a computer issue, but it could be customized to apply to any of the repeated issues your team has with systems or processes. when creating a cross-functional flowchart, it’s best to err on the side of a subdued color palette, as these types of flowcharts and process diagrams can become confusing. use a process flowchart to engage in the cultural debate. a veteran of newsrooms and agencies, jennifer gaskin is a writer, editor and designer who is the only living person not to have strong feelings on the oxford comma. she’s an award-winning practitioner of journalism and information design who spent the better part of a decade as the creative director of a digital marketing shop.