copywriting brief template

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copywriting brief template

creating a clear brief will help any designer or copywriter to deliver work that meets all your expectations. during my many years of working with clients, advertising agencies and design companies, i have been surprised how often there is no proper brief to detail requirements and expectations. the designer or writer may feel that their client is being difficult or indecisive. this covers most of the aspects i would normally expect to consider, to ensure that i deliver work that will be effective in the job it has to do.

while i don’t always complete it in full, at the very least it serves as a useful prompt to ensure all the main things are covered. i would be pleased to hear from you if you have any comments or suggestions to improve it. learn how pay-per-click advertising works and how to launch your first ppc campaign alongside practical help on seo and analytics. click “unsubscribe” in any email to opt out. check our privacy policy for details.

use this free template to inspire your creative resources. why a clear creative brief is so important. expert guidance and template for small businesses to complete when briefing a copywriter or designer. do you have a blog post, homepage content or a series of product descriptions you need writing?​ before your freelance writer can put pen to paper – or finger to keyboard – you’re going to need to create a brief.​ thankfully, we’ve put together some simple tips on how to write the , practice copywriting briefs, practice copywriting briefs, content brief template, creative brief template, content writing brief template, content writing brief template

copywriting brief template format

do you have a blog post, homepage content or a series of product descriptions you need writing? below we speed through what to include in your freelance writing brief: first things first, tell the writer what you want to be written. perhaps the subject is fashion if you need to promote your new range of womenswear, or health if you want to add insight to a medical surgery blog. don’t forget the reason you want a piece of content written! let the writer know what search terms (including any localisation or variables) you want to be included, such as ‘plumbers in croydon’.

if you want a writer to plug a certain event, you need to provide them with the information or links to sources that can help them. state the time frame you need the work to be delivered by. you also need to agree with the copywriter what the situation will be regarding amends. when you need some content writing, you’re always going to need to provide a writer with a copywriting brief. of course, one way to get around the pitfalls of sourcing a freelance copywriter and having to remember all of the above is to use a copywriting agency with a set copywriting brief that you can customise. the… if you want to be competitive in the travel sector, whether you’re an airline, hotel or other travel business, you must work hard to produce content that is valuable to customers.

get all the questions in my detailed copywriting brief. if you want to create exceptional copywriting i mean. looking for a professional copywriting brief to prepare for your freelance client? download yours from bonsai – tested by freelancers worldwide. and to make life even easier, you can download the briefing template below so that you can simply fill it in and send it to your copywriter., copywriting intake form, newsletter brief template, copywriting examples, copywriting examples, agency brief template, practice copywriting briefs, content brief template, creative brief template, content writing brief template, copywriting intake form, newsletter brief template, copywriting examples, agency brief template

copywriting brief template download

more than just time, a detailed creative brief takes more thought and sometimes i have to tease the answers out. the best part is that i usually find some copywriting gold in my client’s own words. which brings me to a question i noticed you didn’t include – what is the budget for the project? after the initial query, i send my brief and conditions of contract for the prospective client to read and complete. i am a designer who is starting to do a bit more copywriting for clients (do i sound like the actor who is about to release an album?!) i find if i can nail these three elements then there is a good chance of writing something the client will truly be able to benefit from. a workshop is probably the best way to talk it through. i need your help to start up with my copy brief about a restaurant?

although i do review it every now and then to make sure i’m asking questions that i need the answers to in a way that clients can actually answer. i did sometimes ask them to think of their brand/business as a person and consider how they wanted customers to describe it after the first meeting. i just wondered – once you’ve carried out the phone interview or in-person session with the client – do you replay the answers to them? once the chat is done, i clean up the document and send it back to them for approval. really new to it all and appreciate any great info i find. this is definitely the article that i will try to follow when i comment on others blogs. i am just starting out in the world of copywriting, and i am try so hard not to get overwhelmed. that option is probably a lot easier than a completely fictitious business as it’s the details in the brief that make the copy easier to write!