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these remedies are then given to patients to stimulate the self-healing mechanisms of the body. “like cures like”: this is the idea that a medicine can cure a sick person if an overdose of that same substance causes a similar sickness in a healthy subject. “the minimum dose” this is the theory that the lower the dose of a medicine, the more powerful that medicine is. while this theory used to be the main area of debate for skeptics of homeopathy, new research is rapidly confirming that extremely dilute and potentized medicines have measurable active constituents that can create physiologic changes in the body.

one of the most important concepts for patients to understand when starting homeopathic treatment is this: all a homeopathic remedy can do is stimulate your body’s self-healing mechanisms. the last principle of healing is that the longer you have had a symptom or an illness, the longer it will take for the body to heal it. if there is no improvement in that period of time, then it is likely that the wrong remedy was chosen. homeopathy is not an easy system of medicine to learn, and it takes time and effort to practice it in a way that produces effective results. for these reasons, most naturopathic physicians who practice homeopathy pursue additional training and receive extra observation hours in the homeopathic diagnosis and treatment of disease.

proponents of homeopathy argue that the use of homeopathy has been stable over time (1986–2012) and that it is used on a worldwide basis [2]. the popularity of homeopathy and other forms of “alternative/complementary” medicine is in stark contrast to the dearth of evidence to support its efficacy. the variation rather suggests that the use of homeopathy is shaped—at least in part—by market forces and attitudes. a second core tenet of homeopathy is to posit that dilution enhances the healing power of the remedy by dynamization or potentization/potentiation. this suggests that there is a bias against the negative findings of wijk et al. any effect, which can be nevertheless observed, suggests that entanglement was very strong to enable the detection of a residual signal in the trial [25]. the repertory of homeopathic drugs is based on a collection of observed/perceived symptoms, which are elicited by a given drug in volunteers.

the literature on homeopathy is rife with immunization strategies: because of the unique nature of homeopathy, its essence cannot be captured by a randomized clinical trial. homeopathic theory claims that the homeopathic remedy may initially lead to an aggravation of symptoms, which is not always seen and which is followed by a slow, but steady recovery. in fact, it appears that it is the homeopathic consultation, i.e. was the fact that in homeopathic trials the mean regressed to an odds ratio of 0.88 with a 95% confidence interval of 0.65–1.19; this is not statistically different from 1 (an odds ratio of 1 indicates that there is no difference between verum and placebo). a correlation between the prevalence of homeopathy and chiropractic (left hand upper panel in fig. it is puzzling that educated upper class people should be so receptive to homeopathy in spite of the scientific evidence. it is evident that the homeopathic consultation caters to needs, which are not met by conventional medicine and this is per se beneficial [46]. the blue lines indicate the 95% confidence interval correlation between scientific literacy and the prevalence of homeopathy in six european countries of comparable socioeconomic status.

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