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start by creating a workspace on creately and conduct a brainstorming session together with your team to define the project or event’s objectives and scope. break the project into smaller tasks, estimate the time it would take to complete each and arrange them in the order that they need to be completed. once the order is determined, you can start assigning tasks to team members and use a kanban board to track them. you can easily customize it by dragging and dropping elements from the dedicated shape library. with creately you can quickly style your timeline with preset color themes or even choose your own to reflect the company’s branding. collaborate around the timeline with your team members to get everyone on the same page and to keep everyone informed. get comments and feedback from team members to ensure that the goals you have set are achievable within the timeline.

easily share the timeline with relevant stakeholders by exporting it in png, svg, pdf, and jpeg formats to embed in websites, presentations, etc. timelines are useful especially in project management, since they allow you to plan a project properly and identify tasks that need to be completed depending on the priority. it also improves communication among team members since everyone is aware of deadlines and how the project should progress with successive events. create docs and notes to go deeper from the high-level visual views. we’re dedicated to keeping your data private, secure and safe. we offer flexible data residency options in usa, eu and australia to our enterprise customers. simply sign-in using your work email to automatically add team members to the enterprise plan.

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here we have compiled a list of templates for the most commonly searched timeline templates below. you can change the colors, add text, or import images from your device or browse the web with the built-in google image search to customize your timelines as needed. 1) vertical timeline template 2) horizontal timeline template 3) business timeline template 4) personal timeline template 5) career timeline template 6) wedding timeline template 7) project timeline template 8) gantt chart template 9) process timeline 10) event timeline template 11) research timeline template 12) american revolution timeline template 13) martin luther king timeline for kids 14) timeline series of famous women in history 15) powerpoint timeline template 16) history timeline template 17) monthly timeline template the vertical timeline is a very convenient way to visualize information, especially if you have a lot of data to represent. they are widely used for presentation slides as you don’t have to scroll down as you have to do with a vertical timeline. businesses often use timeline templates for plans, project charter, and presentations, in order to visualize project tasks, business milestones, etc. personal timelines are used to show highlights or significant moments of a person’s life. these may include moments like birthdays, graduations, and other important milestones. a timeline can help you plan ahead and set goals for personal development.

you can use a timeline when you are planning your wedding, share it with organizers and vendors to make sure that everything is on track. a project timeline breaks down the tasks/ events of a project in chronological order, making it easier to get a high-level view of it. a process timeline is a type of timeline that shows the steps involved in a particular process or workflow. it is used to visualize the sequence of steps and the relationships between them, and can be used to illustrate complex processes in a simple and easy-to-understand format. as the organizer, you can use it to guide yourself through the planning process and keep track of all the deadlines. this shows a chronological order of events that you plan to do during your research/ project. this 12-month timeline template is ideal for representing the events (i.e. join over thousands of organizations that use creately to brainstorm, plan, analyze, and execute their projects successfully.

a timeline is an effective marketing tool for tracking the success of campaigns. it helps to visualize the marketing process in an organized way and measure results quickly. by tracking activity over time, marketers can identify areas for improvement and focus their efforts on the most successful channels. the timeline also allows users to zoom in and out to see both long-term and short-term trends, helping fine-tune activities accordingly. lastly, timelines can help visualize the interaction between different marketing activities, maximizing success. you can easily edit this template using creately. you can export it in multiple formats like jpeg, png and svg and easily add it to word documents, powerpoint (ppt) presentations, excel or any other documents. you can export it as a pdf for high-quality printouts.

whether you are creating a project proposal or a presentation for your school project, creately has an entirely new library of timeline templates you can use for multiple scenarios. but there’s a fair bit of work that goes into creating an effective timeline and that’s in addition to the effort you take to make it look presentable. a description of the event) depending on your purpose. there are a few essential components your timeline should depict; dates, event name, event description and an image(optional). the layout you select should differ based on a number of points, the length of the description and the addition of images. vertical layout timeline diagram (click on the template to edit it online) horizontal layout: you can use this layout when you have fewer points on your timeline.

if you prefer to keep your timeline fit on a single page, you can use the snake layout instead of the vertical timeline. inaccurate dates: check the accuracy of the dates you use, as even a small mistake can lead to confusion and make your timeline appear unreliable. you can achieve this through the use of color, size, and position. lack of visual appeal: make sure that your timeline is visually appealing and engaging. timelines can be used to visualize historical events, track project progress, create marketing plans, or chart the development of a product or service. she is an avid reader, a budding writer and a passionate researcher who loves to write about all kinds of topics.

event timelines are used in marketing to plan and manage upcoming events, promotions, and activities. it allows businesses to visualize their plan in an organized way, track progress, assign tasks, and collaborate easily with team members. event timelines present important dates, milestones, deadlines, and deliverables connected to an event in an easy-to-follow visual format. event timelines can also help marketers identify potential issues, launch campaigns at the right time, and evaluate their success after the event has taken place. with the aid of event timelines, marketing teams have the power to effectively plan and deliver successful events. you can easily edit this template using creately. you can export it in multiple formats like jpeg, png and svg and easily add it to word documents, powerpoint (ppt) presentations, excel or any other documents. you can export it as a pdf for high-quality printouts.