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flowcharts are diagrams that show the steps in a process. note: you can also automatically create a basic flow chart from data by using a data visualizer diagram in visio. connect the flowchart shapes by holding the mouse pointer over the first shape, and then clicking the small arrow that appears that points to the shape you want to connect to. if the second shape is not directly across from the first shape, click and hold the small arrow, drag it to the second shape, and drop the connector in the middle of the second shape. to change the direction of a connector’s arrow, select the connector, and then, on the shape tab, in the shape styles group, click line, point to arrows, and select the arrow direction and style that you want. if that doesn’t do what you want, press ctrl+z to undo it, and then try some of the other options under the align and position buttons. each shape on the stencil represents a different kind of step in a process.

most flowcharts tend to use only three or four of the shapes, unless there is a clear business reason to use more. decision    this shape indicates a point where the outcome of a decision dictates the next step. subprocess    use this shape for a set of steps that combine to create a sub-process that is defined elsewhere, often on another page of the same document. data    this shape indicates that information is coming into the process from outside, or leaving the process. this shape can also be used to represent materials and is sometimes called an input/output shape. off-page reference    when you drop this shape onto your drawing page, a dialog box opens where you can create a set of hyperlinks between two pages of a flowchart or between a sub-process shape and a separate flowchart page that shows the steps in that sub-process. the other options in the row provide a stencil and also a starter diagram with several shapes already added to the canvas. if the second shape is not directly across from the first shape, click and hold the small arrow, drag it to the second shape, and drop the connector in the middle of the second shape.

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smartdraw can also help you document processes in real time to serve as the foundation for your team’s collaborative discussions and brainstorming sessions to improve processes at your orgnization. will it be used to brainstorm the flow for a product or system? you can drag and drop this flowchart symbol from the left panel to your work area. you can also hold down the [ctrl] key and hit any arrow key to automatically add the most recently used shape in the direction of the arrow. you can select the shape you want to change and use the right-click menu to change it.

if you need to move a step, just click to select it and drag it to its new position. hold down the ctrl key and hit the arrow in the direction you want to insert a new step. keeping with the orientation of your swimlane, if you have a horizontal swimlane container and you add a new shape that would be outside the container vertically, smartdraw will automatically add a new lane to the pool to accomodate your new step. you can click that icon to access the link. select the symbol or shape you want to add a picture to and pick picture from the insert menu on the main toolbar.

if you want to skip the tutorial and start creating your own flowchart, use our drag-and-drop flowchart maker to get started right away. there are plenty of flowchart templates available online that you can customize and adapt for your own use. if you’re making your flowchart in visme, you can add flowchart symbols by clicking on the data tab on your left, and then selecting diagrams. you can simply add one shape, click on it, select any of the small arrows that appear on the sides of the shape, and click on a pre-made flow to extend your diagram. you can also change the font, font size, font color and font style of any text in your flowchart, such as the text inside shapes or next to the lines. in visme, you can add a header to your flowchart by clicking on the basics tab and selecting header & text.

by leveraging the ai image generator, you can easily customize your flowchart’s background to make it truly stand out and leave a lasting impression on your audience. making a flowchart is an art, and if you know the basic rules you will do wonders. this is especially useful if you’re a beginner and you don’t want to deal with making a flowchart from scratch. with a selection of eight different animation styles, you can bring your flowchart to life and captivate your audience’s attention. this is a great flowchart idea to place on your website’s help page, and then if it doesn’t solve the problem, users can get in touch for additional support. you can keep this small business flowchart as is or modify everything — from the topic to text to colors to shapes and more.

diagram anything from systems and processes to data and programs with our flowchart creator. our dynamic flowchart shape library has everything you need, including all the shapes, symbols, and swimlane containers necessary to make both simple and complex diagrams. your security and privacy matter to us. intelligent diagramming allows you to quickly visualize projects and processes from start to finish. the lucid visual collaboration suite transforms the way you work from ideation to project completion. identify which process you want to define in your flowchart, and determine the start and end points. you can also start from scratch with a blank canvas to create your flowchart online.

simply click a shape to add text to it, and use the available formatting options to customize shapes, colors, and text. simply click one of these circles and drag a line or an arrow to connect to the next shape. to present, you can convert your flowchart into a slide and present directly from lucidchart or export the flowchart to google slides. a process flowchart helps to communicate a process or project. the oval indicates the start or end of the process. the three main advantages to using a flowchart are more effective communication, easier qa and analysis, and proper documentation of a process or system. start creating your first diagram today or edit one of the hundreds of free templates to get started.

create flowcharts at speed to simplify your workflows and daily routines with miro’s flowchart maker. start working in miro with templates, plot your project together, improve clarity, and deliver results faster. our flowchart maker comes with styling tools to simplify complex information. miro’s visual workplace is the perfect flowchart maker for distributed and co-located teams. after finishing your flowchart, you can add actionable items with project management templates and convert them into tickets on the same board. give your team members access to your flowcharts, work directly with them on boards, or export boards as images for use in presentations. plus, you can also embed your boards directly in tools such as confluence and microsoft teams. bring your team up to speed and focus on what matters.

map out processes, strategies, and everything in between with miro’s process mapping tool. get started in seconds with our free block diagram maker, and make sure everyone is rowing in the same direction. miro’s flowchart maker lets you expand your diagram with just one click: hover over the shapes to add connector lines and automatically add another step into your flow. share your flowchart with team members and or add it to other miro boards and presentations by copying and pasting or downloading it as an image or pdf. or you can simply sign up for miro’s flowchart software to get started on your first board. then, invite as many team members as you need to your board for free and start collaborating. miro’s flowchart maker is free, and you can use it to create whatever kind of flowchart you need. get started by sketching a flowchart with shapes and lines, then add colors and icons from our icons library.