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a chart is a visual presentation of data. a chart can convey what is usually a table with rows of numbers in a picture. a bar chart (also known as a bar graph) shows the differences between categories or trends over time using the length or height of its bars. one axis shows categories, while the other a range of values. a bar will represent each category and there’s usually a space between each bar. there are two more complex variations of the standard bar graph: a stacked bar chart and a clustered or grouped bar chart. obviously stacking implies that the subcategories represent a part of the whole.

clustered or grouped bar charts are similar to stacked bar graphs in that they let you show subcategories in addition to regular categories on your chart. clustered bar graphs are also useful when you have more than 3 subcategories that are part of a whole. if you tried to stack 4 or 6 categories, your graph would be a lot of harder to understand because of all the visual noise. each bar represents a continuous range of data or the number of frequencies for a specific data point. a line chart (also known as a line graph) plots a series of data points on a graph and connects them with lines. a pie chart is a graphic that shows the breakdown of items in a set as percentages by presenting them as slices of a pie. the key to a pie chart is that all of the slices must equal 100%. the purpose of the area chart is to help you compare two or more quantities as they make up part of a whole.

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who is the audience that you plan on presenting to – is it just an initial exploration for yourself, or are you presenting to a broader audience? in a bar chart, values are indicated by the length of bars, each of which corresponds with a measured group. a box plot uses boxes and whiskers to summarize the distribution of values within measured groups. one modification of the standard bar chart is to divide each bar into multiple smaller bars based on values of a second grouping variable, called a stacked bar chart.

if the data points are ordered in some way, points can also be connected with line segments to show the sequence of values. a frequent variation for violin plots is to include box-style markings on top of the violin plot to get the best of both worlds. a heatmap can be an interesting alternative to a scatter plot when there are a lot of data points to plot, but the point density makes it difficult to see the true relationship between variables. this takes a heat map approach to depicting value through the use of color, but instead of values being plotted in a grid, they are filled into regions on a map. funnel charts are specialized charts for showing the flow of users through a process.