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he enjoyed a rather promising career and was sponsored by shredz until he was later accused of doctoring his images using computer applications to make his body appear better than it is. because of that, he was dropped by shredz, however, he has been able to pick himself up from the controversies and continue with his career. as a young kid growing up, devin was the smallest in his class, and he did not improve in size even after he went to high school. one day, he was told by a female friend that he looked sickly and skinny and because of that, he pushed himself into improving his body build and that led him to become a fitness expert so as to conquer the low self-esteem he had grown with. as soon as he graduated from college, he moved back to his hometown of chino hills where he combined bodybuilding and two jobs in order to get ends to meet.

devin physique is not married but he is in a relationship with krystyna who is known on social media as mrs. physique. devin physique has continuously come up with what has come to be known as the devin physique fitness challenge in which people can enter and following the transformation of their bodies in 30 days will win a specified amount. he used to be sponsored by shredz, but in 2016, he was accused of a scam which was as a result of tampering with his pictures in order to give his body a better build and shape. devin physique has undeniably worked very hard through the years in both building his body and also in building a fitness brand for himself. he has many toys in the form of luxury cars and bikes. physique made his fortune through helping people achieve their fitness goals by coaching them through the process and also by selling different workout programs and other bundles to them as well as through sponsorships.

physique. krystyna has been the girlfriend of the fitness expert for a number of years before the being born on , devin physique is 30 years old as of today’s date 30th july 2020. his 2303 posts – see instagram photos and videos from steel athlete | code: physique (@devinphysique), .

devin physique’s personal life; his girlfriend. devin physique is a tattooed american fitness model, instagram influencer and nutritionist who,

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