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zimmerman has been able to find fame in a very short frame of time and it is only due to his hard work and struggle. he also shares fitness tips and provides coaching to those in need. he was born to a single mother and is blessed with two small sisters. it was around this time that a friend told me “devin, you are too skinny, you look sick, you should hit the gym!” people told me that i would never make it in the fitness industry, that i didn’t have what it takes to succeed. all you have to do is wake up with a positive attitude, block out the negativity, throw on your headphones, and just crush your goals, every single damn day. – let me teach you the ways to making this lifestyle an enjoyable one!

he was known as the smallest kid in the class from a very young age and it even continued in his high schooling years. his friends too encouraged him to join a gym and lift weights. this then paved way for online coaching programs and a variety of sponsorship deals. however, devin is an engaged man and has been in a long-term relationship with his girlfriend krystyna. devin has been a big name in the world of fitness. he has a ducati, lamborghini huracan, nissan gtr, and a ford raptor to his name. he is one of the biggest names on fitness on instagram and is very influential too.

12/13/2018- devin zimmerman is a fitness guru and you might know him more by his online alias devin physique is not married but he is in a relationship with krystyna who is known on social devin physique is married? know about his wife. girls out there devin is not married yet. however, devin physique krystyna, devin physique krystyna, krystyna physique, devin physique height, mrs physique krystyna.

devin physique is an american fitness trainer and nutritionist; he is currently engaged to his – hires the woman to pretend she is him, do all the meal plans, correspond with clients, including, devin physique tattoos, devin physique photoshop, shredz

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