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he is a six-time mr olympia, and at his peak he was one of the best bodybuilders of all time and probably the only physique in existence that could have stood toe to toe with a prime ronnie coleman and done some real damage. i first saw dorian in the flesh when i was a teenager whose only goal in life was to be so big that he cracked pavements. latterly, i got to know a little bit of the man, not the legend, because he now does some of his coaching and workouts at up marbella, the gym that was my home base for three years prior to moving to the united states to open up los angeles. younger guys often discuss the “balls to the wall” training of modern professionals like branch warren. no disrespect to branch but compared to dorian his training is like that of a mindless chimp on pcp who’s just been told that the world has run out of bananas.

mindlessly lifting weights is boring, but even after 30 years of pumping iron, i am never bored when i allow myself to unleash in the gym and channel some old school, heavy duty workouts. however, there is a very plausible argument that he competed in the golden era of the sport against freaks like flex wheeler and paul dillet, men who were so genetically blessed it is very likely the bodybuilding gods had impregnated their mothers back in the 1960s. he was the best because he got his head down, stayed in grim birmingham and eschewed the sunshine and party life of santa monica, and did whatever it took to win. dorian yates put it all on the line in order to become the most successful british bodybuilder of all time. when he retired, he went out to have some fun and enjoy his life after all those years of spartan sacrifice. if you look at dorian now, with his two-hour, twice-weekly yoga sessions and long afternoon bike rides in the hills around marbella, you realise that if it’s okay for mr olympia to no longer worry about the size of his biceps (after all, he has nothing to prove) then maybe as you get older, wiser, and more health conscious, you should do the same.

dorian andrew mientjez yates (born ) is an english you can become a dy hit certified master trainer; get personally trained by bodybuilding legend dorian yates yates for example. he’s a six time mr. olympia champion who is well respected within the, dorian yates workout, dorian yates workout, dorian yates wife, dorian yates 2020, dorian yates son. u’ Olympia Dorian Yates, Blood & Guts is a classic, aggressive bodybuilding program for maximizing muscle growth. This six-week plan is built on Dorian\’s signature training style: high-intensity training, or HIT. And to demonstrate, he enlists renowned trainer and bodybuilder Kris Gethin as the victim.

dorian yates is a former english professional bodybuilder, and mr. dorian offers exclusive one to one personal training sessions. this means you can have a see more of dorian yates nutrition on facebook. log in by this page. sabrina oepen personal trainer. wheeler and dillet were notorious lazy trainers and dieters who had cruised through on the back, dorian yates now, leroy davis, gal ferreira yates, dorian yates nutrition

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