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by using a flowchart template, you can make sure that everything happens in the right order and gain a better idea of how to prioritize tasks by representing your workflow in an easy-to-understand chart or infographic. you can use flowcharts to assist with brainstorming or decision-making or as a hiring process flowchart template to streamline onboarding and more. you can use different flowchart symbols to show the start and end points as well as decision-making tasks and checkpoints.

you can use the clickup process flowchart template to represent almost all kinds of business processes. although flowchart templates like this keep it simple, you can find more process map templates for clickup, excel, and word for more complex projects needing detailed workflow diagrams to visually represent a process. if you don’t know how to create a flowchart in excel, use this excel flowchart template by infinity excel to get started. when you document your processes in a flowchart, you can better visualize what needs to get done and use workflow automation to increase your productivity.

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flowcharts are diagrams used for showing the steps of virtually any process: from the clear and linear, to processes with a dozen variables and decisions. the card payment flowchart is for credit or debit card payments placed by a customer. the process can be repeated until the user chooses to end it. with the cooking an egg in the kitchen flowchart, there are multiple avenues the user can take to get to the end, which is a completed meal. if one cannot be found, the process repeats until an umbrella is located. it begins with a decision, if the decision is made, the process ends.

when the user puts in the right password, the system can be accessed and the process ends. the process branches depending on whether or not there’s a drying machine. in the patient in the clinic flowchart, the process starts with whether or not the patient is new, or returning. if all conditions are met, the patient can be transferred and the process ends. the a/b testing flowchart is a mostly linear process that starts with gathering and analysing data. the process finishes when a good solution is found and implemented.

figjam’s flow chart templates are the perfect tool for your next brainstorm session. this editable flow chart conveys essential information in an easily digestible format. the figjam flow chart template takes policies and procedures to the next level. once there, flow right into your next task with more templates from our community. a flow chart is a visual representation of the steps in a process, whether that’s the desired user trajectory through a website or a series of if/then statements that point to different outcomes.

that’s the process of brainstorming, determining, and finally, plotting each of these steps on a creative flow chart template. next, agree on the purpose of your flow chart. with this answer in mind, you’ll use various shapes, arrows, and colors in the flow diagram to either map out your existing process or outline the most important steps of the new system, tweaking the entire trajectory as you work. once completed, a process flow chart example can work as a step-by-step guide that your employees follow, an illustration of website pathways to hand off to a developer, and so much more. an example of flow chart success would be the simplification of a confusing process or improved understanding within your team.