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francine shapiro, phd, the originator and developer of emdr, is a senior research fellow at the mental research institute in palo alto, california. she is the founder and president emeritus of the emdr humanitarian assistance programs, a nonprofit organization that coordinates disaster response and pro bono training worldwide. she has served as advisor to a wide variety of trauma treatment and outreach organizations and journals. dr. shapiro has been an invited speaker on emdr at many major psychology conferences, including two divisions of the american psychological association and the american psychological society presidential symposium on ptsd. she has written and coauthored numerous articles, chapters, and books about emdr, including eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, emdr, and emdr as an integrative psychotherapy approach. she is a recipient of the distinguished scientific achievement in psychology award presented by the california psychological association.

our training is delivered in person and online. anyone can access our current and previous webinars through our website at any time, allowing you the flexibility to learn when it suits you. our team have years of hands on experience in the emdr field offering professional advice to those in need and other therapists wishing to expand their knowledge. not only this, we utilise our connections with other leading therapists in the industry and bring their experience into our webinars for everyone to learn from. emdr integrative is located in the beautiful city of launceston, tasmania. however, our connections and experience in the field extend internationally. we focus on providing high quality lessons to those in our industry by utilising our years of experience in the field, as well as regularly practising and researching new and upcoming techniques. 

in emdr as an integrative psychotherapy approach, emdr originator francine shapiro explores the latest developments and theoretical perspectives on, emdr as an integrative psychotherapy approach. $45.00. written for clinicians, each chapter contains insights on emdr from leaders from a variety of integrated emdr is a highly effective method of treatment for most all mental health diagnoses and can be used often. clients who use integrated, emdr integrative australia, emdr integrative australia.

written for clinicians, each chapter contains insights on emdr from leaders from a variety of paradigms. offers guidelines and techniques and is illustrated emdr integrative provides both class-room setting and online lessons to anyone in the therapy field wishing to up skill with the highest quality and latest to address this issue, i suggest that emdr may gain in being re-examined in integrative models. the threshold interval modulation with early, .

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