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rachel continues to expand her work with individuals to assist in balancing the mind, body and spirit, combining modalities that work for each individual. rachel works with individuals at her balanced health center in glastonbury, ct, as well as distance sessions by phone and skype. 5 point acupuncture (the nada protocol) uses sterile needles or beads to target  points in the ear that calm the nervous system, support the lungs, kidney and liver to detoxify, and support overall healing in the body. being in community with others enhances the healing effect. hands on energy healing is offered during the hour long session. healing happens on the physical, emotional and/or spiritual level, and often our body speaks to us in physical symptoms that need deeper understanding. rachel uses her extensive experience and recent training in spiritual counseling and hypnotherapy to explore concerns on a deeper level.

by freeing the central nervous system to perform at its best, cst naturally eliminates pain, stress and anxiety, and it supports the body’s return to healing and balance. healing continues at the deepest level long after your session is complete. an hour session includes a brief discussion of what you wish to focus on, followed by energy healing to address these concerns. rachel uses light touch to dissolve and release energy blocks that are creating discomfort and/or dis-ease in the body. ; trance healing; reiki master) and is intuitively guided to where and how healing is most needed. an hour session includes a whole body scan and intuitive reading, coupled with a short energy healing or cranial sacral therapy session to address the most urgent need. rachel blends her extensive training and experience in the healthcare field with her intuitive healing skills to create sessions that address the healing you seek at the deepest, most complete level.

it is intended to reduce stress and to promote both relaxation as well as overall physical well being. this technique is generally conducted by a practitioner who is trained in the art of transferring the energy of their life force from themselves and the environment to a willing recipient. sickness, stress, and the rigors of daily life are all responsible for the depletion of one’s life force, and reiki seeks to be a method of restoring it.

reiki is often referred to as “energy work” and utilizes light or no touch techniques to enhance and rejuvenate the energy centers of your body which may have been depleted. these kinds of specialized treatments are intended to positively effect the entire body, but also the mind as well as the spirit. reiki is a completely natural and safe method which can offer the recipient a host of benefits for a healthy spirit and overall sense of well being. reiki is also compatible with all other therapies and medical practices and can therefore aid in a patient’s recovery.

our reiki energy healing massage is a fusion of relaxing massage techniques and energy healing to help aid the body in releasing stress and rachel donovan, cnm, msn provides natural solutions to help women with hormone balancing, anxiety, fatigue, overwhelm, stress and insomnia. best reiki in glastonbury, ct – peaceful souls healing and reiki, christine innes licensed massage therapist, the healing in harmony center, body and beyond, glastonbury massage center prices, glastonbury massage center prices, balanced health, balanced health center, reiki meditation.

glastonbury reiki therapy. reiki is a japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. we offer several forms of spiritual healing including goddess, soul, crystal, sound, shamanic and reiki healing. we have practitioners in reflexology, considered to be the heart chakra of the world and an entrance point into higher dimensions, its special features draw healers and other spiritual pilgrims, .

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