essilor loyalty program

in other words, if an eligible practice properly enrolls in the program in a given program year, that eligible practice will continue to be enrolled in the program in all subsequent program years, unless the eligible practice withdraws or is terminated from the program. any previously earned essilor preferred rewards points must be redeemed within ninety (90) days of becoming ineligible to participate in the program or they will expire. notice of any updates to exhibit a will be posted by sponsor on the portal. points earned by an enrolled practice will be posted to the enrolled practice’s program account within eight (8) weeks after the close of the month in which the job occurred.

each enrolled practice is responsible for verifying the accuracy of the points posted to its program account on the portal. in order to redeem points for advertising placement/insertion costs associated with the enrolled practice’s placement of pre-approved essilor ads or custom ads, enrolled practice must submit a point reimbursement claim form (available on the portal) to sponsor. for each bonus points offering, the relevant bonus points terms shall be posted in advance (i.e., prior to the effective date of such bonus points offering) on the portal. to find the information necessary to meet the potential reporting obligations referenced in section 28, enrolled practice should retain all of its points reports from sponsor and its monthly billing statements from participating labs for all qualifying purchases under the program. if an enrolled practice is terminated from the program, it will no longer be eligible to earn points under the program, but any points earned prior to termination will be redeemable, subject to the limitations in these terms and conditions.

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