fac ppm vs pmp

it is particularly valuable for individuals who are interested in the systematic integration and application of project management topics and who are interested in focusing on the roles and issues of the project manager in the federal environment. the bottom line is that a tremendous amount of money is lost year after year in these various civilian and uniformed projects. for instance, officials will raise the bar for project managers and employees, as well as institute additional ways to hold managers accountable for results with more rigorous reviews of their projects, according to officials and orszag’s memo. trying to decide exactly what the deliverable of a project is can be hard to document. this project management certification is the federal acquisition institute – program and project manager (fac-p/pm) three-level, competence-based certification. the u.s. federal acquisition institute also offers a program and project manager certification program (fac-p/pm), with three levels of certification for federal acquisition professionals: entry/apprentice, mid-level/journeyman, and senior/expert.

there are many issues that face organizations and agencies as they try to apply the fac p/pm rules and processes. as their organizations and agencies manage their projects they are required to follow fac p/pm guidelines for the sizes of the projects and programs they are managing. too many times there are situations in which a certain level of certification is desired and the participants are not prepared with the pre-requisites that would allow them to pursue that level of certification. this course is designed for mid-level program/project managers and satisfies the project management coursework area necessary for fac-p/pm certification at the mid level. in order to establish a common, agreed upon process for the execution of projects and programs, it is essential that both the government project manager and the contractor project manager are speaking the same language. the commercial world of project and program management would do well to observe the situation in these agencies. as government projects and programs move toward fai fac p/pm experience, there will be a noticeable increase in the success of these projects.

how does federal certification compare with the pmp? project management is modern industry’s youngest management the fac-p/pm focuses on essential functional and technical competencies needed for p/pms. pmp. meets the business, cost and financial management competency typically taught in the fpm 133 fac-ppm level. course 1. course 2. course 3. course 4. entry. required. required. pmp credit. required. mid., fac p pm certification, fac p pm certification, pmp certification, fac academy, fac-p/pm salary. u’ The FAC-P/PM program is run by the Federal Acquisition Institute (FAI) and is restricted to eligible Federal employees. … The competency crosswalk determined that the PMP certificate is equivalent to FAC-P/PM Senior-Level, as depicted in the graphic below.Feb 3, 2019

isn’t the pmp the same as the fac-p/pm certification? no. the project management professional certification is a equivalent training: (a) a current and valid pmi credentials (capm and pmp certifications) may be used for program and project managers (fac-p/pm). ○ agenda. – opportunity dr. morgan henrie, ipma-c, pmp. tim jaques improvement step versus end unto itself. – perception that, fpm 131, fac-p/pm it core-plus specialization, fac-p/pm jobs, pmp federal government

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