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if you’re not lulled into a comforting state of relaxation and manage to stay conscious for the entire facial, we applaud you. the cost of the facial is fully redeemable against votary products on the counter, and we defy anyone to not want to take home a selection of their seed-oil based beauties. the multi-layered treatment means each part of the treatment brings a new tool and a new sensation on your skin. we walked straight out of the dorchester (regretfully) and took more than a few selfies of our newly plump skin en route to dinner. you could be a little tomato-ish afterwards due to the peel and hyped up blood circulation to your face. you’ll then be led to a room upstairs for the treatment. if you’re in need of a moment of calm and relaxation, both for mind and skin, then this is the facial for you. if your skin is feeling tired after a year of working from home, dull from a lack of vitamin d and in need of a good pummelling, hydration and tlc, then this is the facial for you.

designed to give your skin a much-needed post-lockdown glow with a dose of relaxation, this facial is all about using effective products and techniques without going too hardcore. our facialist used a skin scanner to show up areas of sun damage and dehydration before the facial. su-man believes that in order to re-invigorate and sculpt the skin on your face, you need to massage the soles of your feet. after all, when you’ve had a hydrating, rejuvenating facial, the last thing you want to do is cover your skin in beads of sweat and foundation. the main aim of microneedling is to generate collagen so your skin feels tighter, smoother and softer. hold tight for the hero part of the facial where pure miracle broth is applied to your face. add to that the instant ‘spa skin’ we walked out with and this is definitely one for gifting yourself or treating your favourite people to. the chanel-y glow is impossible to ignore, and although you shouldn’t be putting your hands on your freshly cleaned skin if you do, it’s bouncy to the touch. it’s not a ‘oh a fancy a little treat’ facial at this price, but a great investment if you have a big event or wedding coming up as the results are so top notch.

maybe you live in one of these metropolises – or maybe you’ve just gotten off a plane and you want to fight the effects of jet lag. in addition to this luxurious facial, both your hands and feet are pampered with a relaxing massage. a native of budapest, the spa capital of the world, pekar is always formulating new potions to use in her facials. the treatment is then finished with led therapy to calm redness and stimulate collagen production. and radio-frequency therapy to increase the oxygen supply to your skin tissue. this is followed by a gentle non-surgical face-lift, using microcurrents to restore elasticity, stimulate circulation and re-sculpt the facial structure. starting with a manuka honey cleansing balm, the skin is hydrated and prepped.

and the luxurious rose facial is no exception. the skin is left radiant and re-energized with an application of a suitable eye treatment, ampule and moisturizer. the facial is finished with a mask made of fruit essences and serum of proprietary essential oils and vitamins to recover your inner glow. last but not least, a collagen mask enhances collagen production to firm the skin and diminish lines and wrinkles. after a thorough consultation, a vitamin enriched formula with high percentages of hyaluronic acid and beta gluten is infused into the skin by a steady flow of oxygen. skin is then treated to a triple exfoliation to prep for at the diamond life infusion serum. for access to insider ideas and information on the world of luxury, sign up for our dandelion chandelier newsletter.

it’s not a ‘oh a fancy a little treat’ facial at this price, but a great investment if you have a big event or wedding coming up as the best facials in new york, london, hong kong, paris and more. in addition to this luxurious facial, both your hands and feet are pampered facials are designed to give you refreshed skin with no downtime in 30 – 45 minutes. effective and relaxing, they are the best of both worlds., .

we love a fancy facial! that’s why we went to the luxurious four seasons los angeles hotel spa to try their “jet-set” facial. illuminating diamond, ageless caviar, white wine peel and other luxurious facials with lasting benefits that improve the look and feel of your skin. indulge in the most luxurious facials in los angeles and experience face and body treatments performed by our team of talented estheticians., .

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