fascia energy healing

it’s where the knotted patterns of our life and life style lay encased in living tissue. the impact and remnants of physical injury is in the fascia. right after we are a bunch of cells, the first organized tissue is fascia and all other tissue is formed as slips of tissue off the fascia. it surrounds, holds, support and shields every structure in our bodies. energy workwhich is interesting, since i’m coming to believe that all the energy work i perform with my clients is really just fascia work.

meaning, when i  project energy from my hands or through intention, my target is the connection between the physical body aka fascia to the etheric body, the first level of our energy body. when the fascia relaxes, the mind can let go and the spirit is relieved. with energy work, i’m coming from the spiritual to the physical. in a bowen session there can be lots of prerequisite moves and procedures, but the sequence that results in the “final” pain release also usually triggers emotional and trauma related discharges. usually the originating injury happened years ago and the chronic tension pattern had later erupted into pain from a more recent and relatively benign over-stretch or twist. in her practice, she uses techniques that work at a fundamental level, where the roots of the illness, fear and pain can be accessed and resolved.

at connective healing myofascial release, we specialize in barnes’ approach to myofascial release (jfb-mfr). fascia is a continuous web of connective tissue that suspends and protects everything in the body — muscles, organs, nerves, bones, and more. this puts significant pressure on the sensitive structures in its path — joints, nerves, organs, muscles — and the result is pain and dysfunction. since fascia connects everything in the body, restricted fascia can impact the entirety of the system.

addressing deep restrictions in the fascia also changes the internal environment that allowed the dysfunction to develop in the first place. when overstretched or forced, fascia braces to protect, and this adds more tension to the system. rather than releasing fascia, at best, these methods merely stretch out the elastic component temporarily, much like a rubber band. so, like a stretched rubber band, that elastic component of the fascia soon springs back and tightens up again. this approach is why jfb-mfr gets true releases and leads to lasting change.

using fascia as a bridge between the physical and spiritual can release pain and restore light-ness and peace to the body-mind and spirit. how does releasing fascia lead to healing? since fascia connects everything in the body, restricted fascia can impact the entirety of the system. reiki moves through the fascial system. most people twitch when receiving energy work; that twitching is caused by myofascial adhesions, fascia healing time, fascia healing time, myofascial release, connective healing, myofascial release massage.

myofascial release works on the connective tissue or fascia, which is the energy conduit system of the body. when we first met, there was a lot of energy i was really resistant to any form of energy healing for more than half of my career as an occupational therapist and fascial therapist. fascial lesions resulting from stress, injury, surgery, emotional trauma or even pain and discomfort anywhere in the body and slow down the healing process., myofascial release near me, fascia meaning.

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