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present your data in the clearest terms possible by graphing it on figjam’s online pie chart maker. use our pie chart maker online to show the relationships between datasets and deliver fully baked findings to the whole team. with a blank pie chart template, the pie is the limit. figjam makes it easy to bring everyone to the table with accessible, intuitive design tools and fun, functional widgets like lil notes, table, and teams. find the recipe for success with figjam’s community templates. the process of creating a pie chart on paper is rather complicated.

the fastest way to make a pie chart in the digital age is to use a free online pie chart maker. pie charts are frequently used across educational and business settings, as they tend to be fairly easy to interpret for both technical and non-technical audiences. a pie chart is a graph that is used to illustrate the relative size of and relationships between datasets or different categories. if you’re wondering when to use a pie chart vs. bar graph, consider the type of data at play. pie charts are ideal for unpacking the composition of a whole—say, for example, you’re comparing relative answers in a survey. all you need to do is read the labels and the legend, then compare the sizes of the pie slices to one another.

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using pie charts in figma to display data is a popular choice for many creatives. born in the digital realm, creating pie or donut charts in figma is seamless with heightened efficiency. crafting pie charts in figma is a breeze. follow the steps below to create a pie or donut chart on figma. open an existing project or click the + design file button to create a new frame to design your donut or pie chart. this will serve as the container for your pie chart. customize the pie chart’s appearance with data in place. next, choose the text tool and click outside the circle. much like figma, edrawmax is a versatile tool that simplifies crafting pie and donut charts. edrawmax is equipped with all the features you need to create pie charts or donut charts from scratch. sign up or log in with an existing account.

alternatively, click the templates button and use the search bar at the top to generate a pie or donut chart in seconds. click the style and page settings button to beautify your chart to match your branding or preference. change the background color, picture, borders, and headers, depending on your style. the pie chart’s segments are colored uniquely to represent these categories. the value of each category is indicated outside the pie chart. the design is organized, featuring the donut chart on the left and flavor labels on the right for straightforward interpretation. the pie graph depicts student preferences across four subjects: english, economics, history, and psychology. creating pie and donut charts in figma for data visualization shows the platform’s prowess through its collaborative platform. like figma, edrawmax exhibits all the features you need for designing pie charts or donut charts. however, edrawmax’s comprehensive features and advantages warrant a second look. the order process, tax issue, and invoicing to end users are conducted by wondershare technology group co., ltd.