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create dynamic and reusable anchor charts, brainstorm ideas in the boardroom, and share ideas with the class using our dry-erase chart paper. you’ll also become more environmentally friendly by reducing your dependency on one-use chart paper because wipebook products can be erased and reused again and again. includes 10 detachable, 24″ x 36″ sheets with both graph & blank sides. our most durable dry-erase flipchart sheets with “tear-proof” synthetic paper. includes 10 detachable, 24″ x 36″ sheets with both graph and blank sides. includes 10 detachable, 12″ x 18″ sheets with both graph and blank sides. perfect for setting up large table top dry-erase surfaces. the wipebook flipchart was designed for groups & teams who need to continuously save their ideas for future collaboration.

the wipebook scan app saves your work and uploads it to your favorite cloud services like google drive, evernote, dropbox, and onedrive. wipebook flipcharts erase just like your standard whiteboards but have multiple sheets that are light-weight and durable, and when you’re done, you can put all of the sheets back together for easy storage and transportation. the perfect companion for training sessions, workshops, and classrooms. i am an academic coach/literacy specialist for our county and have demonstrated this product in multiple schools. the teachers were very appreciative of the free products and look forward to purchasing more of the wipebook products in the future. we strive for exceptional quality and service, and we’re pleased to see that reflected in your experience with our wipebook flipcharts. thank you for your support, and we look forward to welcoming you back in the future. it’s great to hear that our flipcharts are making a positive impact on your teaching environment.

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it is typically fixed to the upper edge of a whiteboard, or supported on a tripod or four-legged easel. text is usually hand written with marker pens and may include figures or charts. some flip charts may have a reduced version of the page that faces the audience printed on the back of the preceding page, making it possible for the presenter to see the same thing the audience is seeing. a variety of paper sizes are used from the floor standing through to the smaller table-top versions, subject to the country’s adopted paper sizes. [1][2] the earliest known patent of a flipchart is from may 8, 1913.

[3] flip charts have being in use from the 1900s, the earliest recorded use of a flip chart is a photo from 1912 of john henry patterson (1844-1922), ncr’s ceo while addressing the 100 point club standing next to a pair of flip charts on casters. peter kent was the founder and ceo of the visual communications group nobo plc, and it is believed[by whom?] [citation needed] in 1999, flipcharts2go.com went online offering wide format, custom printed and bound flipcharts for both short term and long term use in planning, sales presentations, training and production tracking. scientists have developed a digital self writing flip chart which writes word for word everything it is instructed to record. also available are flipchart stands that are self heightening.

flip charts are large sheets of paper, usually positioned on a tripod, to be used with thick and differently coloured marking pens. they can be used when presenting a draft report to encourage discussion of revisions needed, or discussion on actions to take. during the presentation, empty sheets can then be filled in to capture information from brainstorming and feedback sessions. flip charts can also be used to help stimulate group analysis of data when writing or improving a draft report, for coming up with lists, for example of lessons learned, or for drawing up other kinds of publications based on evaluation findings. a variation on this option is to ask people to fill in cards or large “post-it” stickers, and to stick them onto different flip chart sheets during a brainstorm session. the sheets can also be hung up on the wall in a meeting or workshop room, to show ongoing developments in the discussions and to encourage additional comments. later, when the meeting is over, you can remove the sheets and copy the information into a digitized format.

the team answered specific questions, gave feedback to the report authors on items that were unclear, and challenged findings that seemed unlikely to them. flip charts were used to facilitate group work on the data and capture ideas. the evaluation team was confident that this process would ensure staff would thoroughly understand the results and use and refer to the report. using a flip chart during your presentation. flip charts as visual enhancers [web log message]. communicating and reporting on an evaluation – guidlines and tools. we’d love to hear from you. betterevaluation is part of the global evaluation initiative, a global network of organizations and experts supporting country governments to strengthen monitoring, evaluation, and the use of evidence in their countries.