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google sheets is by far the most popular spreadsheet app online, with good reason—free with any google workspace account, it’s both powerful and easy to use. adding an explanatory diagram to a data set gives context, so viewers can grasp the situation right away and better know what to do as a result. in google sheets, you can use the chart generator to auto-generate visuals such as bar or pie charts for your data sets. to create a flowchart, follow these steps: keep in mind, while you can create a flowchart in google drawings, the process is completely manual, so your diagram will be more basic, take more time to create, and often will look less professional since you won’t have access to many standard flowchart components. once you’re in the google drawings canvas, you have two options:  as we’ve gone over in this post, there are a couple different ways to add flowcharts in google sheets.

this intuitive, cloud-based solution empowers teams to collaborate in real-time to build flowcharts, mockups, uml diagrams, customer journey maps, and more. lucidchart propels teams forward to build the future faster. since its founding, lucid has received numerous awards for its products, business, and workplace culture. learn how to make a flowchart in google docs and help collaborators understand ideas, information, and processes quickly. keep your lucidchart documents up to date and see data in context with data linking!

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thus, in this article, we will show you how to make a flowchart in google sheets and you will find it’s more time-consuming than our professional flowchart makers. on the drawing window, you can use the shape icons to add flowchart shapes and the line or arrow icons to connect them. go to the file tab, click the share on the drop-down menu, or click the share button on the right upper corner of the interface. in addition, you can modify the limits of authority and allow the viewers to edit, comment or only view the flowchart. however, if you just want a blank flowchart template, you can click the blank plus thumbnail on the template gallery and edrawmax will offer you a blank drawing page in which you are able to draw the flowchart manually.

you can drag and drop these shapes and symbols onto the drawing page, click the connector button on the toolbar to add the connection lines between flowchart shapes. to change the theme of the whole flowchart diagram, click the theme icon on the right sidebar to open the theme pane, and select your favorite theme scheme, theme color, connector style or font style. after you create a flowchart in google sheets, you can download the diagram in different file formats. go to the file tab, click download on the drop-down menu and select the desired file format. when you click save as on the drop-down menu, you can choose to save your flowchart in your personal edraw cloud, google drive or dropbox in the save as window.

people everywhere use google docs to share their content and collaborate in real time. both of these options are free to use, but after comparing the two, you will find that our flowchart maker offers the best value for quickly making professional diagrams that are always accessible and easy to share. see how these two approaches of making a flowchart in google docs stack up. before you make a flowchart in google docs manually, consider using the lucidchart add-on to save you time and enjoy greater flexibility. haven’t created your flowchart yet? our google docs add-on will also give you instant access to the lucidchart editor to create and edit diagrams.

follow these steps to get started: now you can build a very simple flowchart that will appear in your google doc document with this manual approach, but google drawings isn’t as intuitive or easy to use as lucidchart. note: if you’re wondering how to make a flowchart in google drive to insert into google docs, it’s a similar process. this intuitive, cloud-based solution empowers teams to collaborate in real-time to build flowcharts, mockups, uml diagrams, customer journey maps, and more. lucidchart propels teams forward to build the future faster. since its founding, lucid has received numerous awards for its products, business, and workplace culture. learning to diagram with bpmn will increase your professional value and facilitate communication. need to communicate complex processes and ideas?

flow charts are a necessary tool for planners to visualize processes. you can sign in and open a new google document through docs.google.com, or you can also open it through your google drive. sign in to your account on drive.google.com, click the “+” button on the top left corner, choose “google docs”. change the orientation of the document to “landscape” if your process chart is horizontal by clicking on the “file” on the bar and selecting “page setup”. a window for the drawing will appear over the google document.

click on that, select shapes in flowchart; you can see all the options. select the shapes from the shape menu bar. drag the shape you choose to the drawing canvas. click on the line tool and choose any arrows you want from the drop-down menu to add arrows. click on the three dots on the toolbar; other options for formatting the text will come up, such as font, size, color, etc. after finishing, press on the save and close button, it will be added to your google document.

mastering the art of creating a flowchart in google sheets can offer great utility to professionals across various sectors. flowcharts are excellent tools for visualizing complex processes and presenting them in an easily digestible manner. the process involves inserting and formatting shapes to build your process diagram. for adding shapes that symbolize steps in your process, click ‘insert’ from the top menu. choose the one that fits your needs. for processes with multiple similar steps, you can replicate the shape by clicking on it and choosing ‘copy.’

you can draw these by clicking on the line symbol present in the toolbar and dragging your mouse between two shapes. you can modify shapes and lines by selecting them and dragging the blue squares that appear. when it comes to creating detailed and professional-looking flowcharts with ease, boardmix steals the spotlight. boardmix understands that not every user has the time or expertise to create a flowchart from scratch, hence the provision for both pre-built templates and an intuitive interface for creating your own diagrams. in a nutshell, crafting flowcharts with boardmix promises an experience marked by flexibility, simplicity and efficiency. regardless of the complexity of the process you wish to illustrate, boardmix equips you with all you need to create clear, captivating and professional diagrams. ultimately, the final choice will depend on your specific needs and requirements.