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a timeline flowchart is a chart displaying a sequence of events that happen over a period of time. these charts are useful in helping you conceptualize a process and keep track of everything effectively. they make a complicated project easy to understand and remember for everyone. there is a wide variety of chronological charts, but the most common are standard charts, gantt charts, and time-series graphs. it often consists of a line illustrating the time flow and dots as pinpointed events. there are also texts and images to add more details about the events. people often use it to visualize the timeline of historical events. it uses many bars of different sizes and colors to illustrate the start date, end date, and duration of a task. it is obvious that gantt charts are more complicated than a typical timeline.

unlike these above charts, the time-series graph consists of the x and y axis to depict fluctuations during a period of time. the values will then be connected to create a series of ups and downs, which illustrate the pattern of changes. excel comes with the smartart feature that allows you to create a timeline quickly. step 5: modify the chart using the design and format tabs in the smartart tools. there are three styles for you to consider, line, block, and cylindrical. step 5: you will see a configure timeline window opening on the screen. enter the start date and end date in the time period tab. just drag the corresponding shape from the timeline shapes stencil and drop it on top of the graph to add any marker. it is simple yet gives us a quick overview of a process or events to manage tasks more effectively.

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from day-to-day activities to a weekly or monthly plan, you can exploit timeline flowcharting to plan everything, ensuring all the operations are performed on time. additionally, the template is ideal for both personal and professional use. this template can be exploited for the company’s day-to-day task management, project management, and monitoring of the overall performance of different departments on daily basis.

this template contains consecutive events of the mandalorian series for better historical insights. the design is pretty impressive, highlighting the timeline schedule with uprising graphs and a colorful theme. the color scheme is vibrant, making the template a stunning illustrative artwork. timeline flowcharts are visualized diagrams outlining all sequential events involved in a process to gain insight into the process’s subtleties.