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a flow map is a type of thematic map that uses linear symbols to represent movement. the variance of flow maps in subject matter, and the relative importance of imhof’s aspects of flow, has led to a number of design strategies. in this type, the primary intent is to show the existence of a connection between two places, often accompanied by a representation of the volume of flow and/or direction.

[11] this type of flow map originally dates back to the harness map of ireland. [7][16] the most common technique to visualize the amount or speed of flow is through the visual variable of size, specifically line weight (usually measured in points or millimeters). for all of these types of scaling, the legend typically shows a sample set of line weights with their respective values, in a fashion similar to the legend of a proportional symbol map.

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it is a particular combination of maps and flow diagrams, where the width of the arrows is proportional to the flow rate — the so-called sankey diagrams. flow maps are used to portray animal migrations, money flow, the traffic of goods and people, etc. flow maps are important because they demonstrate the contrast in the quantity of a huge variety of items spread over a vast territory. there are several types of flow maps — network, radial, and distribution maps. radial maps display connections between a point and numerous directions via divided lines of specified width, resembling spokes. for instance, this network flow map demonstrates the volume of commodities trading: distribution flow maps, like radial maps, only show a schematic path from the object to the destination.

as an example, this flow map illustrates the spread of a disease: there’s a special type of flow map tailored to the creative process. it shows the set of actions you need in order to reach a particular goal. process mapping highlights areas of potential improvement, and it demonstrates the ideas behind the process to the entire working team — everyone is aware of where to go and what to do. finally, process maps clear up the document flow and help to build up a working plan. this is in many ways similar to cartography – in particular, with the construction of a flow map or sankey diagrams. flowmapp tools specialize in strategic website planning and user experience analysis.

flow maps geographically show the movement of information or objects from one location to another and their amount. typically flow maps are used to show the migration data of people, animals and products. the magnitude or amount of migration in a single flow line is represented by its thickness. this helps to show how migration is distributed geographically. flow maps are drawn from a point of origin and branch out of their “flow lines”. arrows can be used to show direction, or if the movement is incoming or outgoing. drawing flow lines without arrows can be used to represent trade going back-and-forth. merging/bundling flow lines together and avoiding crossovers can help to reduce visual clutter on the map. top chinese exports to the world – anychart minard’s map of french wine exports for 1864 (wikipedia) minard’s map of napoleon’s disastrous russian campaign of 1812 (wikipedia)

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in this article, we’re going to talk about flow maps, a super useful type of visualization that can help us understand complex data in an engaging and informative way. that, my friend, is a flow map! they use lines, arrows, or even color gradients to represent the flow of something from one place to another. imagine you’re looking at a map that shows the migration of people from various countries to the united states.

the thickness of these arrows would represent the number of people moving from each country, making it easy to see which countries have the most significant migration flows. the flow map could use color-coded arrows or lines to show the movement of the virus from one region to another. a flow map can help you visualize the export and import of these devices between countries. as you can see, flow maps are a fantastic way to make complex data more accessible and engaging, helping us understand crucial information about the world around us.